From time immemorial, the feminine principle was revered and worshipped for her godlike qualities. She was the reflection of the perfection in nature. We women have unparalleled potential and ability to create limitless abundance within the womb. The woman is the divine creator on an earthly plane.

How do we remember we are all that? How do we remember to stand tall in our own unique strength as women? How is it we can truely embody our ancestral birthright as women? The short answer is we find self love. Easy, right?

The long answer is that dive head first into the flaws and feelings we all know so well. The answer is that we stand in the truest, rawest version of ourselves, embracing the imperfect beauty that is the divine feminine, unwavering in our knowing that we are goddess’ in physical form. Ironically, this fearlessness can prove to be a life mission for us, or maybe instant like an epiphany. In this meeting of our truest femininity, we are greeted with freedom, completely and totally unyoked. We can instantly access freedom to become whole, all the while sharing this with our fellow sisters who also seek out this love affair with the self. We become the new bearers of empowered female, as we embrace the whole of this world by loving that flawed beautiful being we call woman.

The feminine is the embodiment of the essence of God. She has within her very body the ability to create another living form. This extraordinary gift exalted her for aeons, turning from merely a woman of servitude into the respected entity that she is today. Our potential as woman demands respect. She began as the girl child, who was raised amongst women to embody story and connection to to the earth energy, or Gaia; through this she learned to honour the seasons, beauty, life and even death. She learned that flow and energy was everywhere and that all was connected, without a shadow of a doubt. The child grew into the young maiden who was then taught to honour and love her body, versed in matters of sexuality and physical respect and child birth. In time she became the mother, and then as her hair turned grey and into white she became the wise one, or the crone, she became the teacher and the respected one within her community. Perhaps lines have been blurred as our world advanced, views shifted and the once revered femininity was pushed aside to make way for the patriarchal world that we now exist in.

At no time did the female within the tribal community berate herself with feelings of insecurity around her size, the type of hair she had or whether she had a flat stomach. She was respected for simply being the woman. Today the world causes us to judge ourselves as we judge others. We comment on peoples lips, bums, boobs, arms and whether they are too fat or too thin. These judgements are harsh towards our sisters but conversely much harder on ourselves. As we gaze into mirrors we conspire against ourselves, dissecting every single pore, the shape of our faces and whether we are acceptable to our future lovers or not, the list is almost endless. We suffer in our confused state of self inflicted judgement and forget we are extraordinary, magnificent, powerful and that we are sisters.

Let us embrace all of the facets that make us the goddess. We are not only simply the young woman who is empty and needy, we are constantly in flux and growth, eternal and empowered, we are inevitably becoming the the wise woman with each rising sun. From our baby hairs to our silver hair, from our taut skin, to our first wrinkle. We are naturally evolving and becoming more than we could ever imagine if we remember the lessons that live within our cells: we are part of the whole and we are in flow with the whole.

It all comes down to self-love. To have self love, is to love all that nature offered us.


Photographed by Matisse Ruby

Styled by Natasha Scheiner

Ondine wears the Essential Fixed Triangle and Brazilian Bikini Bottom in Mulberry and the Savarna Halter and Mini Hipster Bikini Bottom in Natural.