On the eve of International Women’s Day, I sat pondering the question; what is it to be a woman? What defines us as women? What does it mean in our soul to be a woman? How do we connect to our divine feminine or the deepest part of being a woman?

Once upon a time, being a woman was defined. It used to be easy; we knew our predetermined roles based on tapping into our feminine qualities. We knew if we did what was expected of us, there'd be no strife. 


"There is a crack in everything - that’s how the light gets in." 

It’s no doubt that Leonard Cohen is a gifted orator and poet - these words specifically echoing through my consciousness. There is something about acknowledging imperfection that is so profound, Mr. Cohen illustrates this perfectly. Too often we get caught up in eliminating the aspects of ourselves that help us grow and develop into a full grown human. Sure, these things give us character, but more than that, they are the imperfections that make us totally perfect. 


Crystals in meditation can be an important tool to remind you of your practice, get you in the correct mindset and create a positive energy intention in your meditation. ManiaMania’s tailor made meditation kits are essential additions to the beginner or advanced meditator alike. 


When the cosmos aligned and Tamila and Mel asked me to write for this new venture of ManiaMania’s I was quick to jump at the opportunity. I have been a lover of their creations since dot, because of the perfect alignment of their passions and beliefs and that of my own. I have been raised on a steady diet of ancient mysticism, crystals, Spirit Consciousness, Fleetwood Mac & Zeppelin, spirituality and symbolism. ManiaMania has year after year filled the place for each of these themes on my fingers, wrist and neck.