My childhood was brimming with guided meditations and spiritual teachings echoing my living room, visits to the Tibetan/Gyuto Monks where we would sit in ceremony whilst they constructed their intricate and breathtakingly beautiful sand mandala. A lot of the time spent travelling with my family was spent in sangha, where a lot of what was being taught was subconsciously soaking into my brain. Obviously, with age, my own opinion has formed as well as my own continued unique practice. Today I wanted to chat about being a victim, and living in a world where we can choose our lives. This is where you become or realize your innate alchemic ability inside of you. You are an Alchemist.
As all spiritual teachers know, the earth frequency that we occupy is called "the land of choice". What this means is that we, in the human condition can make choices about our lives and how they will pan out. Does this make us god? Or simply is this part of our ancestral heritage? Similarly, does our karma keep us from having any choice in the way our life pans out?

The concept of god controlling our planet is based on religious doctrine i.e. a great benevolent Zeus, who controls how we think, controls disaster, controls success, failure and everything in between. If this were indeed the case, this would mean we are puppets without choice which is a complete contradiction to the fact that we do. 

To believe that we are not an aspect of god and the whole is really really limited. Once again, religious doctrine chooses to separate us from our inherent nature which is that we are an aspect of the whole. My mother has taught me to call this Universal Consciousness realised, the Buddha Mind, the Krishna Heart etc. God is the essence of all things including this earth and beyond. It is the string that holds us all together. I recall a taxi ride maybe a year ago...I generally am that person to strike up a conversation with my driver because I like people and I like interacting with humans on a personal level. This taxi ride was a little longer than usual, maybe 20 minutes and in the space of a couple minutes I had been questioned on my feelings and views on God. I must add, I love a good debate, and explained to the driver that I felt that God or Source was everywhere, that we were all gods and goddesses and that connected us with the roots of the trees, to the Earth to the animals and everything in between...He was a devout Christian and it didn't really fly with him. Suffice to say, there was no debate and I sat quietly in the back of the car and listened to him.
God is Divine essence which is beyond any religious doctrine or limited concept. Waaaay beyond. Humans inherently lean towards being a victim, we don't like to take responsibility for our lives not working out for us and this is the reason why we blame these personal and global undoings on an externalised god. It is so darn convenient. Doing this keeps us small and insignificant to everything in our lives happening to us and around us. This is why all the great spiritualists and mystics have said, if you knew how great you were you would stop playing out in being so small. Why would we argue against being an aspect of universal consciousness?  If we knew our true worth would we continue to argue to be so insignificant? In Hermeticism, we understand "As above, So Below". Above meaning the spiritual word of consciousness and below being every aspect of our world we occupy. This phrase sums up the macrocosm and the microcosm, and these concepts can be applied to each part of your life (physical and spiritual). I too often catch myself playing victim, having to remind myself of the choice I have and the importance of being awake and conscious to this choice. It's hard but it can be done.

Challenge yourself, see your power and be awake to all that you can do and change. You aren't small or insignificant, you are great and ALMIGHTY. WE are Almighty Alchemists. XXX

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