To completely honour the energetics and profound wisdom a plant has to offer is paramount, to me. There is so much untapped potential within the delicate leaves, flowers, roots and stems of these precious gems that spring forth from the undergrowth. I want to see and intrinsically know plants in their full potential; functioning in symbiosis with our body, the way they were meant to be. That’s the epitome of a healthy relationship; recognising what each brings to the table and celebrating that magic. You’d be right to think that humanity has a aptitude for stretching the friendship with the earth and her bounty: from overharvesting mineral depleted soils, to abusing plants (ie. poppy’s, coca, cannabis, ephedra...need I say more?) who each come with incredible healing properties. Fundamentally, there is an issue with our inability to function with moderation, human nature takes things to the extreme, constantly stretching the delicacies of life with overbearing severity. It’s this approach that isn’t necessarily conducive to a functioning relationship. It’s toxic.
This is especially true in this plane that we occupy, having grown up with the taboos of marijuana at the forefront of drug programs in high school, we’ve watched as the true nature and purpose of cannabis was reduced to a “gateway drug” as opposed to seeing it for its profound ability to heal on a broad spectrum. To reduce this incredible plant to the line-up of drugs created in seedy labs, or those trafficked across South and Central America, leaving a trail of femicides, death and chemicals in its trail is a disservice to it’s deep, entrenched cellular intelligence. Whilst I didn’t smoke marijuana recreationally in high-school, there was a part of me with a deep connection to plants who knew there was something much deeper than what we were being told.

Thankfully, in the past 10 or so years, we’ve seen a completely 180 in the understanding of respecting a plant for what it truly has to offer. In my lifetime, cannabis has been legalised in a tonne of states across the US and Australia finally figured out that hemp seeds were not going to be smoked behind school in between classes - because thats definitely not how drugs work. Now, we come to a time, where the wellness community are seeing the properties of this incredibly beautiful bud of wonder in the form of CBD or cannabidiol, utilising these anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, pain relieving, circulation promoting, calming, soothing properties for the best.

Apothecanna has encapsulated the harmony of nature within its shiny little bottles; not only packed with high-grade CBD, but harnessing the powers of active plant-medicines to “help the body and balance the senses”. There’s a product for everyone in the range; from the uterus clutching, PMS sufferers, to tight athletes with stiffness in the muscles, to those with circulation problems, aches and pains, those who want natural products for intimate moments as well as lip will never be not with CBD.

Apothecanna takes self-care to the next, next level. If that was even possible. Your entire routine will be changed whilst energetically supporting a plant that has been castigated for eons. Now is the time to bring this into your routine. You’ll be all the better for it.


These sprays have been a lifesaver. I'm one of the lucky souls who may not have anxiety attacks, but every ounce of stress I have (which is often a lot) sets up camp for extended stays in my lower back and shoulders. Its delightful. I can't get rid of it, but with this it was love at first spray. 

The Circulating Spray creates that warmth that soothes those aches and pains; with this tiger-balm is redundant post boxing and it energises and activates my muscles before my runs, boxing and yoga. My trainer's a professional boxer and he's hooked. A perfect blend of capsaicin, ginger, grapefruit and calendula with the fast penetrating properties of MSM this baby goes the distance.



Then there's the more subtle, but no less effective Relieving Spray, who knows how to hit the spot. The aches are real, in some way or another most days and this spray has been my best friend with CBD (if you haven't got the memo yet) as well as arnica, juniper and mint - this effectively removes the inflammation in the body I spend my time trying to eradicate. It works. It's magic.



Everyone who knows me knows I love a face oil. The glowy-er the skin, the better. I'm constantly seeking oils that are packed with active ingredients. This is where the Everyday Face & Body Oil This has it all. The scent is absolutely invigorating and deeply hydrating. Giving all the muscles in your face a deep massage is the way with this one, or if you're stocked with a jade-roller this will penetrate the skin layer promoting radiance and is another way to up-level your self-care routine. This is honestly beautiful.

Take your post-body brushing, hydrotherapy routine to the next level with an all over body rub with their Calming Creme. This is a dream pre-meditation, before a breathset. It will ground you, whilst inducing cosmic bliss with its heavenly lavender, frankincense and chamomile fragrance. Give yourself a rub-down before bed and you’ll be floating on a cloud of CBD infused wonder.