This post wasn’t just a very good reason to whip-out the ’98 hit by Puretone and Amiel Daemion. I swear. It’s a very underrated song, I’ll give you that.

More than that, we gather here today to welcome the energy of red, passion, grounded-ness or the all powerful power of the base chakra. It has profound function; we often shrug it off (especially as women) as unnecessary, patriarchal energy that isn’t necessary for our ascension into enlightenment…because thats what we’re alllllll here for. Nothingness.

I kid. 

The base chakra is actually the integration of both the masculine and feminine energies. So, this can be a practice for you and your lover.

It is so necessary, it serves us in a multitude of ways, but the key to harnessing it for our own service is integrating this and the female energies too. To tap into the energy of red or the base chakra, is consciously rooting yourself to the core of the earth, bringing your energy down a notch to grasp the qualities of the base chakra, or typically masculine (ie. divine masculine) energy. When we ground, we feel our once frenetic energy calm, we feel like we’re walking on steady ground, we feel equipped with the tools to deal with what is in front of us and at once we feel a realistic outlook on what we’re facing. 

When you work with your base chakra, and by “working”, I don’t necessarily mean meditating every single day (but if that works for you - super!), you can gain a new perspective, you can rid yourself of delusion and you can view the whole, the macro. We have this tendency to zoom in on faults, difficulties we’re facing and we forget to see the bigger picture.

The Root Chakra addresses our core needs for survival, will, our security and our future, which is something we as humans inevitable think about. We have a primal desire for security, abundance, safety and an overall feeling of centred and at ease.  No matter how much “live in the moment” talk we get from every which way, we desire the need to see what is laid out in front of us. When we’re grounded, we can relax and surrender to the energy of not pining for the future plans being depicted in front of our nose. In our grounding, we have the tools to face the unknown head-on. 

When your base chakra is out of whack, you may feel ungrounded, confused, and lack the ability to move forward. Without the balance we desire  it is near impossible to integrate and align the other parts of your body.

We have to take a moment for clarity and discernment.


  1. Wear red. If it’ll make you focus on this energy and serve as a reminder - fuck yeah! Wear some red underwear, a red bag, a crystal, red shoes, red lipstick or buy that insane Gucci red suit. You can pop that on a your wish list and say its for spiritual development. In all seriousness, the actual frequency of red is powerful and will assist  in your integration of the base chakra.
  2. Walk bare-foot. Take your shoes off and actually feel the earth supporting you beneath your feet. Feel as the earth lifts you up and simultaneously pulls you down. Imagine your feet extending past your physical body, roots developing beneath the soil and reaching to the core of the earth.
  3. Eat root vegetables. As it moves into Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, I use any excuse to get the root vegetables, even if it means saying goodbye to zucchini. Beets are a double whammy.
  4. Get some exercise - sweat, be a little primal. If this brings a feeling of harmony to your body, then great.
  5. Connect to your breath; envision yourself breathing in red, passionate, fiery energy, all through your cells and settling in the very base of your spine.