LONDON CALLING: The Vista X The Alchemists

Head over to the wonderful hub of wandering, travel, rituals and magic that is The Vista. I had the wonderful pleasure of sharing my secret spots and favourite haunts in London with them. Despite my brief stay, my 24/7 traipsing/eating/vintage hunting gave me plenty to share with any other soon-to-be London go-ers. Do it by foot, I dare you, you don't want a business man's underarm in your face on the tube anyway...or is that part of the London experience? Did I totally miss out? You decide.

In a city of over 8 million humans, its easy to get lost in the whirlwind that is London, its sprawl reaches far and wide but within the big city lies a community of conscious creations, manifesting themselves in the forms of markets, incredible food, boutiques and creative, expanded minds.

My trip to London was brief at a mere 16 days, we travelled the city on foot, allowing for discoveries around every corner – alleyways, ivy adorned Mews’, cobbled streets, and secret gardens where meadow flowers unabashedly grow in perfectly messy ways.