After 25 hours in the sardine can that is flying economy class - we (my wonderful sister and myself) landed in the Land of London bright and early Monday morning. Never one to do something half-assed, we gunned our first day in London (kicking jet-lag's ass); wandering through the sun-drenched, leafy streets of Notting Hill picking up a spot of Ottolenghi on the way, as well as a well-priced Kombucha at Daylesford Organic (no sarcasm here - it was literally £4 for 1 litre!). I could get used to Ottolenghi on hand; aubergines, sweet potato, farro and magical cabbage slaw. Give me cabbage and you have my heart. Portobello Road bustled with tourists, and George Orwell's home at #22 was a sweet little historical stop along the way. Kensington Garden's was our spot of choice during that late afternoon sun, sitting beneath the trees, squirrels scampering, erring on the delirious side of life. Suffice to say, we slept like sleep-deprived babies that night. Day two brought about a much gentler experience, eating raw food at Wildfood Cafe in Neal's Yard in Covent Garden, whilst interviewing a very lovely, magical, Girl Almighty (coming very soon!). We chatted for hours, ate raw aioli with sweet potato wedges, delighted in raw salads, chock full of amaranth, seaweed, courgette pasta and avocados - finishing with a slice of raw cheesecake. The dream.
Day three, on what now looks like a food pilgrimage. As the weather chilled, it was time for porridge at 26Grains, again in Neal's Yard. The dreamy bowl of creamy coconut mylk goodness was an oat and barley blend, salted caramel pears, pistachio and sesame seed sprinkles with a thick dollop of coconut yoghurt. London is fast becoming a favourite - all the raw foods I could hope for, with vintage stores up to my ears and history pouring through the streets. The wonder of nature is at every street corner, beautiful parks dapple the city where the leaves are falling every day, we are crunching through the foggy mornings, stomachs full of porridge and tea, finding refuge with the autumnal afternoon sun. I'm averaging walking 17km a day - we are covering a lot of ground.