A good salad has the ability to make or break a meal. FACT.

Take another gander down the magic rabbit hole that is high vibe living/eating/breathing with a touch of Gainsbourg, this is how I like to cook. This edition of food fun is brought to you by Baby Beets by OnDre, featuring activated nuts, the always pricey and elusive avocado, spiralised zucchini, my main gurl Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother and some other special goods that you'll just have to endure 8 minutes of my talking to see. 
Pop on some Breton stripes, or maybe a ankle-skimming, ass-hugging pair of trousers a la moi, and allow Francoise, some Jacques Dutronc, Serge, Birkin, Bardot et al to accompany you on your food escapades.

I am a picky salad lady, I'm all about cohesion, I want to feel the ingredients harmonise with eachother. I want the unity of kale and nuts, it is a fine art form and today I gift to you yet another delicious recipe. If you haven't already gotten amongst the Organic Guacamole Goodz, do that too.

You have a recipe for good energy infused into your perfectly massaged kale. What more could you possibly want?