No false advertising here, Byron Bay was blue skies and sea breezes. Getting to spend four perfect days in the Bay was pure heaven. I was up there for work and spent days wandering through Santos Organics, stocking up on kombucha, raw chocolate to sip on at Wategos Beach in between meetings, shoots and emails. Each day brought about a new culinary adventure; waking up to The Roadhouse's flawless Cold Brew Coffee with their housemade Coconut and Cashew Mylk with a Matcha Milkshake as a chaser. Dinner at the Roadhouse after a long afternoon shoot was a double kombucha with a Naked Vegan Nourishing Bowl, loaded with my favourite Sauerkraut, Wild Rice and Quinoa Salad, Pickled Shiitake, Sweet Potato and Eggplant. Absolute heaven in a bowl, all the while having in-depth conversations about spirituality, nourishment and all the good stuff. Folk Byron is a damn beauty, soaking up the morning sun with a kefir in one hand, chatting to inspiring women about their offerings. From experience, this is the best way to start a morning.
Naked Treaties allowed me to have my daily green smoothie fix with the I Follow My Bliss smoothie being my potion of choice. Their Raw Pad Thai was so fresh, the kaffir lime hitting the absolute spot on a 30 degree day. Never one to pass up on a raw cake or avocado, our last day was their Raw Nachos and their Nickers Cake. Beautiful, vital, high vibration living foods. 
If you get overwhelmed by tonic superfoods, herbs, adaptogens and the magical, healing power of plants; Jing Organics is next level amazing, created by the gut-health extraordinnaires at Peace, Love and Vegetables. My partners in crime went on our health food pilgrimage (beginning at the Three Blue Ducks at The Farm) and losing our absolute minds at Jing Organics. This is the place to be if you need to stock up on E3 Live, Blue Majik (a potent Spirulina extract), Tocos from my loves at SunPotion, SuperFeast magic mushrooms (aka Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga), Dragon Herbs tonic foods, MSM, a raw chocolate selection to make your heart flutter and more. Their fridges are well stocked with said Superkraut and the shelves have kale chips in any flavour your heart desires. GO HERE, you will not regret and you will be vibrating on another plane within minutes. My carry-on was full of the best kind of secret herbs n' spices and my heart was full with love for this non-fluoridated water, organic, vegetarian, sunny, breezy land.
Watch this space for the products of this adventcha!