Crystals in meditation can be an important tool to remind you of your practice, get you in the correct mindset and create a positive energy intention in your meditation. ManiaMania’s tailor made meditation kits are essential additions to the beginner or advanced meditator alike. The first thing to do when you receive your crystals is to get to know them; hold them, put them against your skin or under your pillow, infusing and fusing your energy with the energy of the crystals, becoming deeply familiar with your unique crystals. It also may be a good idea to place them in the light of the full moon to cleanse and reactivate them or to put them in purified water with some pure salt in a bowl, salt is the most traditional physical and psychic disinfectant.

From this point we can begin the meditation process, remembering that most cultures welcome meditation, mindfulness and also the calming of the mind. Each crystals unique energy can assist this process, whether that be for stimulating creativity, cleansing, protection, grounding, opening your heart chakra or welcoming vital energy into your daily practice. This process can be very intuitive. Whether that be through sitting quietly, lying down or using them in a walking meditation.

"Grounding meditations can be of exceptional importance when feeling out of your body or out of touch" 

If you choose to sit quietly, you can place the crystals in the palms of your hands, holding your intention for your practice whilst unifying your energy with that of the crystals. Grounding meditations can be of exceptional importance when feeling out of your body or out of touch, using Calcite, Moss Agate and Smoky Quartz, you can root yourself to the earth with your crystals in each palm and at your root chakra. 

Similarly, if you choose to lie down, you can place each crystal on your chakra points, whether that be your Third Eye, Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus. Placing the crystal on your chakra points creates an intention to shift and release energy; so join with the frequency of the crystal and it amplifies your intention! The benefits of meditation and mindfulness can be instilled in every aspect of your life – in a modern world meditation can be of special importance as it can assist you in your practice of spiritual awakening as a part of your spiritual arsenal. Some other aspects of spiritual disciplines may be sitting with a spiritual teacher, a yoga practice or eating and living mindfully. 

There is no question that crystals are not only powerful tools, but they possess such unique, ancient beauty too. So, if you can’t use your crystals in meditation, at least use them around your house and bask in their energy and be in gratitude for these magic gifts from the earth!