When the cosmos aligned and Tamila and Mel asked me to write for this new venture of ManiaMania’s I was quick to jump at the opportunity. I have been a lover of their creations since dot, because of the perfect alignment of their passions and beliefs and that of my own. I have been raised on a steady diet of ancient mysticism, crystals, Spirit Consciousness, Fleetwood Mac & Zeppelin, spirituality and symbolism. ManiaMania has year after year filled the place for each of these themes on my fingers, wrist and neck. 

Furthermore, the idea of alchemy has been prevalent through my lifetime; my parents may not have been literal alchemists per se, but some of the concepts of hermeticism and alchemy were laced through my consciousness. Also coincidentally, (if you believe in that sort of thing) my name Ondine, comes from the latin Unda meaning wave and Undine/Ondine was identified by medieval alchemist Paracelsus as one of the four elementals, (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) representing Water. To say that there is obvious synergy in beliefs between Tamila and I is an understatement, so she was the perfect candidate for an interview on my blog, The Alchemists, and spending quality time speaking about all the things we love really solidified this collaboration of minds. 

My blog came about as a space for me to express the journey that I am on in all aspects of being a woman, in all of its perfections and importantly, imperfections. I am not trying to sugar coat empowerment or being an alchemist, and through my own soul searching as well as interviewing other women I have created the space for my own growth and the growth of others as well as stimulating dialogue around what it is to be a modern day Alchemist. By another miracle of synchronicity and an interview on my blog with Tamila later, I was informed about the newest collection of ManiaMania’s “Alchemy” and the show was on the road. It was a no brainer.