In certain circles the practice is called demonic/satanic, but that's not a circle you really want to be a part of now, is it? For good measure, I've got some crystals and a very red, very sacred and earthy smelling Byredo Altar Candle, because you simply can't be too careful re: occult-y entities.

I'm kidding, tarot is good clean fun and honestly can be a very profound and fun practice if you let it be. I was raised with the simple ritual of pulling a card, when I was seeking direction, wanting to see what a new opportunity could present, when I was tremendously hormonal and it was all I could do not to cry or when I just wanted to hear what the universe could present me. Even though this is not a traditional practice of most tarot readers, classically speaking a "spread" is more recommended. But I always like to make my cards my friends. When aspects of your experience feel convoluted or difficult sometimes we as humans need an external signpost to allow us the context to truly see where it is we're placed, where it is we can head and what things to act upon to make it so. Fun!

If the idea of tarot invokes Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, crystal/glass balls and unsavoury people, then you're absolutely not the first person to question the practice. It can all feel too fortune tell-y with not enough emphasis on the sacred symbolism, origins and also the joyous practice it can be. Whip the cards out after dinner, a couple of wines in the arsenal, belly's full of fare. No fear allowed here either...we create our reality, so don't let any supposedly scary looking cards get you...acknowledge it and move on, if that is your desire. Let's say you pull the Tower card, not the best one in the pack, but if you can enter this transition forewarned and with a connection to light, maybe the heads up is all you need.

It's incredibly easy too, there are some very good accompanying books to purchase that really dive deep into the spiritual aspects of the tarot, you want to have all the paths and needs laid out. A good action plan lies within those pages! Get your hands on a Radiant Rider-Waite or if you're feeling fancy I adore the Visconti-Sforza Illuminated Deck.

Three Pointers Before You Start:

1. Go in with a good headspace, no negativity here.
2. No pining, don't be desperate and needy. Take a breath.
3. Don't let the cards frighten you, there is nothing to be afraid of here. Keep it gentle, keep it light.

Here is a simple guide for endless tarot fuelled fun

Hold a question in your mind. Shuffle these babies with that question in your consciousness.

With your question in your awareness, put your hand over the deck allowing your energy to reverberate through the deck.

Imagine you're projecting a physical manifestation of your question into the deck. Fan the deck out and allow yourself to be drawn to a card that is meant for you...if one jumps out of the deck, keep it, it's made itself known for a reason.

And your card reveals itself!

Let that sink in, take a good look at it. Sometimes the imagery and symbolism can seem scary or dark, but once you take a deeper look and how it applies to your question, often you're presented with really realistic tools and wisdom to accompany you on your path. Let the wisdom that your accompanying book can offer permeate your mind, see how it is you can enforce the ideas and handy spiritual hints presented.


I pulled the Queen of Cups and the Six of Wands, separately, both offering wisdom and insight for where I'm at right now. 

The Queen of Cups represents the intuitive and compassionate feminine energy, unconditionally loving, telling you to feel your emotions, mull in the conscious and subconscious and allow that sensibility to assist on your path. That was an especially vital reminder when I was pulling this as that morning I was definitely lacking the grounded aspect of myself. At the same time, its important not to let all of your emotions get in the way of your experience, losing yourself to volatility or impassioned emotions on overdrive. So, it was an handy cue to bring myself inwards, maintaining the importance of being aware of your subconscious and intuitive spiritual aspects of yourself. Asking me to trust my heart and feel my emotions truly.

The Six of Wands is a card I've never pulled before, but I was definitely grateful to see it pop up for me. The Six of Wands depicts a man carrying a victory wreath on a horse, a gentle and positive encouragement and one that urges us to be positive about what we have accomplished thus far, unafraid and unwavering in what we've earned or what we could be about to encounter. 

With that all being said, I've had some theoretically v. shit cards in the past, often presenting themselves when I've felt lost, on unstable ground or maybe just fleetingly upset. The cards can offer a wakeup call if you allow them...and if you like them just for the pictures...that's okay too.