The weather in the Land Down Under is starting to heat up - days are longer, the sun pounds on the sand and pavement, shoes are taken off, clothes are being removed and everyone moves a bit slower.
This is Summer in Australia. Not for the faint hearted - don't even think about bitumen and bare feet. Cold drinks are crucial and hats are not optional.
These tunes are for beach trips, ice blocks, green juice and crochet bikinis. These tunes are for weekends of well-earned laziness, sun drenched afternoons, dappled leaves, and salty hair. 
Enjoy friends. For all of you Northern Hemisphere-ers, you can listen to this and dream of the scorching days.
The jams contained in this playlist are occasionally kitsch, with a hint of classic rock, soul and some Beach Boys because...its not Summer without a little bit o' Beach Boys.

Serving suggestion; mango, coconut, banana.
Your mood is guaranteed to be chilled.