If you're a Steiner baby you know the feeling; mentioning you're a Steiner child and having every. single. person gasp at your lack of homework, your peculiar focus on arts and myth rather than the typical math thing and the most controversial; learning to read in Grade 3.

Somehow, the modern education system has placed more emphasis on quantity over quality - as well as ignoring the crucial developmental years where creativity and consciousness need to be nourished rather than stifled. Steiner education encourages conversation and imagination. Television isn't a thing, connecting with the earth is. During our pre-school years, toys were fashioned from wood, to foster and enrich the kids growing and inquisitive brain, allowing for the story to be created by the child. I'd be lying if I said that these formative years didn't have a profound effect on my future schooling years.

I was a Steiner child and my kindergarten and year one years featured etheric massages, bushwalks, drawing, cooking, gardening and the always constant nap time. Whilst I did convert to a public education in year 3, after homeschooling and living in the US, those early years of Steiner (Waldorf) education were crucial in shaping me as a human.

Rudolf Steiner was a highly respected and well-published scientific, literary and philosophical scholar who was particularly known for his work on Goethe's scientific writings. He later came to incorporate his scientific investigations with his interest in spiritual development. He became a forerunner in the field of spiritual-scientific investigation for the modern 20th century dude. He also is notably one of the forefathers of biodynamic farming which in itself is radical. What a rockstar.
His background knowledge in history and civilisations coupled with his observations in life gave the world the gift Steiner Education. It is a deeply insightful application of learning based on the study of humanity with developing consciousness of self and the surrounding world.

Also, us Steiner kidz have some killer alumni, lady love #1 Lisa Bonet put Lady Love #2 Zoe Kravitz through a Steiner education, as well as Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Frances Bean Cobain, Bella Freud, Jessica Hart, Justin Theroux, Sufjan Stevens, Anna Paquin and the CEO of Amex. So you're in good company.

People are always going to question what is outside of the norm. Steiner isn't for everyone and that is fair enough. But it is worth being open to alternate methods of learning that work for different children instead of the instant critical reception most people give it. Nourishing creativity shouldn't be abnormal. Stunting a child's creative growth is.  My opinion is that all children should have this focus on creativity and arts at a young age, which proves to be so beneficial for so much later in life.

Fundamentally, I agree with the Steiner methodology because it helped me to laugh, be joyful, dance in nature and actually spend time with myself. I spent my childhood playing in forts, making games out of sticks and swords with imagination being of supreme importance. Steiner education helped me to actually experience the earth and what was happening around me and my adult life has been so much better for it.