In Sydney, you'll be hard pressed to not find a pair of spandex leggings, slightly inching their way up womens nether regions every, single solitary day. Supermarket, brunch, farmers markets, department stores, there will be an athleisure donned lady who smells suspiciously too fresh, perfectly pony-tailed hair, no tell-tale cheek flush. Too fresh to have truly exerted any effort at the gym or at a hot yoga class. I'm yet to figure out their secret. It's comfortable, sure, but to find me in my gym gear longer than 20 minutes after I've done the deed is very rare. Major love to all the ladies wearing their gear 24/7, I have too many clothes and too little days to let my Nike, PE Nation, Girlfriend Collective (my absolute, without a doubt fave!) and Lululemon impose themselves on me, so they get 2 hours, 4 times a week. 

Despite that, on days that I do head to the gym or go to a yoga class, feeling a little bit sporty chic is ideal, it's always about feeling like myself, wherever I go, so I like to incorporate a little bit of me into my workout, and get out of that outfit afterwards quick smart, because spandex is a breeding ground for camel toes and bacteria. Recipe for disaster. No go. 

Here are my handy tips, to sass up your gym life.


  1. Always a high waisted, right on the belly-button. Never hipsters. 
  2. If you can find a legging with a stripe on the outside or inside of the leg (like my PE Nation ones) get 'em. You'll feel like a Barbarella-esque sci-fi babe. 
  3. When in doubt; wear all black and layer like a chic ballerina.
  4. Take the neck scarf from your neck, all the way up to tying back your fringe, or giving your otherwise all American cheerleader look a Bardot meets dutch milkmaid vibe.
  5. I like turtlenecks at the gym...actually I like turtlenecks always. This is a life tip. Parenting advice; get kids in turtlenecks early and they'll be dedicated for life. I'm serve as testament to this.
  6. I'm a fan of a long legging, because it stops all the choppin' up of the body that a early 2000's "peddle-pusher" would otherwise offer. **Unless you're doing a yoga class, and then I need skin, skin, skin- a trés sweaty look that will never see the light of day...unless you come to my yoga classes.
  7. Seriously, if you actually are working out, please don't stay in your gear longer than an hour after your session. Bacteria wise, it's no good, provides the ideal environment for yeast infections, bacteria growth, skin problems and doesn't smell ideal either. These are very short lived looks.

And for some, workout inspiration from my favourite iconic ladies;