I'm a bit of a skincare fiend - all I want is that elusive dewy, glow. I'm not alone on that.
The "dew" straddles the line between radiating light-beams and oil slick. Many spend their lives searching for the key to it. I've spent many a day with a t-zone as oily as Bulletproof Coffee. There is a sweet spot, and you gotta hit it. I took one for the team - I endured the oil so that you don't have to.
I feel like right here, I've got the holy-grail of natural skin wonders. These products, in harmony with living, vital foods, tonic herbs and adaptogens that tonify the kidneys, fight inflammation (hello Schizandra!) lots of the good stuff (H2O, obviously!), avocado and goods fats (any excuse, right?) are going to make you gl'eau. Hydrated, luscious skin, for all. That, along with a happy disposition is a recipe for magic.

So,  I shared what my daily make up routine is - you're up to speed with that. But behind all good make-up is a good skin care regime. To me, the actual products are merely the tip of the iceberg, but lets start there...


African Botanics Oxygenating Baobab Cleanser: I love a clay based cleanser as a foaming one is too stripping for me. So I'll generally oil cleanse first, then use this insanely great cleanser that is clarifying but doesn't throw my pH out of whack. It smells like botanical, essential oil witchcraft, chock-a-block with African clay to clarify, bitter aloe for plumping and hydration as well as oils to rebalance. This is a must-buy.


May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt: Every two to three days, when my exfoliation alarm starts a-ringin', I start jumping for joy because the feeling of freshly sloughed skin is like silken, baby's bottom, cotton candy clouds. I have tried many exfoliators and for me nothing comes close to the effectiveness of skin-care wizard witch doctor maestro May Lindstrom products. I always opt for a powder exfoliator, as opposed to adding another product to my regime that could a) strip using astringests and foams or b) change my pH. So The Clean Dirt is my go-to. It utilises cleansing clays (again!), warming spices, water activated Vitamin C and minerals and it looks like you've been rolling in the mud. Thats my favourite part. Muddy skin, equals clean skin and a good microbiome. It gets all cute n' foamy when you activate it with water and the minute it touches your skin you can feel the impurities falling away, boosting blood flow and evening my skin tone. This is a must must must.


Inner and outer hydration is the pinnacle of my skin routine. A good cleanser and exfoliator can't do anything if you're not replenishing and quenching your skin with beautiful botanicals, luxurious oils, created consciously and with intention. This is where Living Libations Rose Glow Serum comes into play, with the trusty help of Kypris Antioxidant Dew. I use both of these together because they both utilise such functional ingredients that my skin just adores. The trick is layering like you would your winter wardrobe. I started off with Living Libations, which I'll use day and night (in the day its just a drop so I don't get the aforementioned oily mess). The balance of oils: jojoba, seabuckthorn, rose otto, neroli (amongst others) which all act in harmony to gently hydrate, reduce redness, inflammation. It's a wonder oil. Then, Antioxidant Dew (ugh!) which is so hydrating, intensely. I love everything seaweed and this contains ocean extracts, herb derived antioxidants, vitamins C and E. If there is any product that can get the glow turned on its this. Somehow, it feels like it gets right down in to the skin, rather than just sitting on top. So supple, so glowy, so helpful for environmentally stressed skin, imbalances, redness, dullness and inflammation. If you want radiance, this is for you. My golden ratio is  2 drops of Rose Glow Serum, with 3 drops of Antioxidant Dew. 


Weleda Skin Food: This is arguably my favourite, everything cream, which happens to be cheap as hell, made by Weleda (as a Steiner child I can definitely abide by anything made by them). Steiner's belief: reconnecting with the natural world is the best way to bring ourselves back into balance. So Weleda was created as the first synergistic products orchestrated to reconnect the body with its natural rhythms. Utilising active botanicals, biodynamic  farming, seed production and landscape maintenance in order to follow the rhythms of nature and the earth. This is the holy-grail, rich, but not one bit greasy and can be used everywhere. I have classic combination skin, so put this where I get dry, as an eye cream, on my hands, elbows, nose. You name it. You'll be hooked.


Dry body brushing all the way. Not only is it an amazing way to remove dead skin from your body but it also assists in lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation, removing toxins. After all that brushing, and maybe some hydrotherapy (aka ice cold shower afterwards), I will drench my body in oils, which is a self-care ritual that is seriously underrated. Take some time post shower, remove your towel and give yourself the rub-down you deserve. Using various essential oil blends, I'll add a couple drops of a Sacral Chakra or Solar Plexus Fire stimulating oil blend to some Jojoba or Olive Oil, and just go for my damn life. That, or I'll use my easy favourite Monk Oil Dawn City Skin Potion, which encapsulates love and love for not only yourself, but the earth, animals and those that walk the planet with us. It's got Rose Absolute Essential Oil, California Wild Rose Flower Essence and Rose Quartz Crystal. It is balanced with Organic Sage Essential Oil to uplift and purify.