Its been a perfect Spring day, glorious in fact. I don't often have time to just "be" in the day, to go for a gentle walk, to stand with my feet in the grass and just not think about too much. I'm still thinking about the next thing and the next thing and how I can shift and grow and not stagnate. Sometimes I worry. Sometimes I am ambivalent. Sometimes maybe I stress and compare my own path to that of others. But then I let that sun caress my abnormally pale 1/4 Mapuche Chilean skin. In the sun, all that thinking (and maybe overthinking) seems a lot less stressful, and it makes it everything seem like there is a solution.
I feel like a breath of fresh air has just coursed itself through my body. Release. I self-medicated with 3 matcha lattes and a coconut, beetroot-ashwaghanda love potion. Blissful. Tastes like pink...whatever that means. Some sort of blend of heart and soul, with an earthy tinge.

But earthy beet lattes weren't the purpose of my day off. It was much bigger than that. It was the 9th of the 9th Month of 2016 - 2+0+1+6 = 9. In numerology this day of 9's is auspicious, and is a extremely significant day this year for removing obstacles and clearing out old habits, releasing fear and releasing loads that are no longer beneficial to us. This gateway to clearing is opened today, and throwing Mercury Retrograde in the mix, plus a couple of eclipses means that the universe was supporting growth. It meant that today I needed to fully acknowledge and let go of any shackles and unnecessary comforts that have been holding me back.
We have to release to move forward, without change, without struggle, silence, sacrifice and difficulty, how can we expect there to be growth? It can be the hardest thing to move through and shed old habits, allowing for renewal and beginnings, there are feelings and emotion I have that are no longer serving me. So on this day of my own, the sun shining, after a hot yoga practice and a run, I was able to gain clarity and awareness on where it was I wanted to go and what I want to achieve. Its insane what a little moment of silence can give you, what just a few deep breaths and a long gaze can do to your being.


Wearing Lee Mathews Summer 2016