With a whirlwind trip to London looming, there is certainly no better way to procrastinate the humdrum pre-flight goings on (ie. cleaning/packing/buying toiletries bags) than making a killer UK playlist. This is getting me in the mood. This playlist is here, honouring the magical musical sounds that have caressed our ears and lightened moods for many decades.
Just as the weather in Sydney begins to show some sun (35 degrees, hello, thank you Sun Gods!), on the 25th of October  I'll be flying 22 hours to mid-Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. My body isn't ready. I have no idea how to prepare myself physically and mentally.

What I am ready for is some hard out rambling. Robert Plant in fields type thing (see above). I'm travelling with my angel face wondrous babe that is my sister - gallivanting through forests and heaths are number one on our itinerary, with a spot (more than a spot) of food and Afternoon Tea on the cards. Also, vintage shopping...need I say more?

Join me on a journey of the senses with this fantastical playlist. I think British men do it better, particularly evidenced through the fact that the UK produces exceptional musical artists. Also, any of you English humans, if you have any suggestions, shoot 'em this way!

Also, I shall be Snapping my journey along the way - so come live vicariously through me on SnapChat - @ondinedaisy 

Sneaky playlist is after the jump!!