"There’s nothing cool about being self-destructive"


Patti here - draped in her Indian shawl (printed with sanskrit) being clever, artistic, complicated and downright amazing. Her art and freedom is tangible; in her performance, her poetry and her knowledge and perception of the world. Just a flick through Just Kids or her Early Work, you can see so many facets to her and her art.

Her take on spirituality is another thing, the concept of spirituality being innate, and letting all the religious dogma fall away with the remaining essence being "love one’s self, to love one another, to love the earth." - regardless of what you were raised with, or what you believe. Her poetry is comparative to prayer, like a beat poetry mantra hybrid.

We love Patti.

Any woman who cares for bees is a woman after the worlds hearts.

I’m concerned more about the death of a bee than I am about terrorism. Because we’re losing hives and bees by the millions because of such strong pesticides. We can live with terrorism. We can’t live without the bee.”