Always a lover of a good Pisces woman, I could just tell Nitsa Citrine was a Girl Almighty. By the divine power of the internet I was able to reach out to Nitsa, a strong, successful, deep and honest woman from a company that resonates with my passions for alchemical and transformational tonic herbs, gifts from Mother Earth to nourish our bodies in magical ways. Sun Potion offers exactly that, transformational foods that honour the earth, ancient wisdom and have the ability to transform our consciousness and our health. This is next level! You will be overwhelmed with the magic that this company creates. I am overwhelmed. Makes me wish my country's law on importing any type of pollen weren't so CRAZY. From across the planet, and with a bit of synchronicity (don't we love a bit of that) I was able to get in touch with Nitsa (after her attending a Spirit Weavers Gathering in Mendocino, honouring the depth and heart and wisdom of women) and everything fell in to place, it was meant to be. I only wished I could have properly sat down for a cup of tea, some beautiful earth food in the California sun and spent hours chatting to Nitsa about the magic of the earth, the awe inspiring female energy, the Redwoods of Mendocino and Sun Potion. Maybe next time. Until then I will connect through ashitaba and reishi mushrooms.

Ondine: What do you call yourself? 
Nitsa: Nitsa Citrine (my full birth name is Nittsa Citrine Christensen-Pomerleau but that is really just too long so I just use my first and middle name....

O: Zodiac?
N: Pisces with Leo Moon and Scorpio Rising

O:Would you describe yourself as a classic Pisces?
N: Probably. I'm a total dreamer, lover, fantasy-prone being... but with the Scorpio rising, which I believe makes me a little more masculine & intense (...obsessive? possessive?!!) and with North node in Capricorn, which I am grateful for as I feel it supports me in being meticulous and goal oriented in the earthly world.

O: How would you describe what you do?
N: I am an artist and Creative Director of Sun Potion. I use my creative vision and insights to support the company in connecting and communicating with others in a mindful and beautiful way. My tools include alchemy, intellect, intuition, photography, design, strategy,  channeling a constant stream of content, creative problem solving, herbal study and research, magic. Most essentially, I support Scott as a lover and professional partner. In my open time I find pleasure in photography, poetry, creative collaborations and hope to bring more performance art into my life. and soon!

O: Where did the idea for Sun Potion come from?
N: My fiancée, Scott Linde, started the company over 4 years ago - with a decade of alternative, holistic living he cultivated a strong desire to be of service and this manifested as a vision to offer a line of the highest quality single ingredient tonic herbs and superfoods. Then one day whilst brainstorming names with a group of friends in Ojai wildlife, the energy and name of Sun Potion came through. The rest has been divine alignment and good luck!

O: What is your favourite potion and why?
N: Pine Pollen, by the spoonful or in a little spring water. It is a longevity tonic and aphrodisiac, full of minerals, nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids and is an excellent food for the brain and nourishing creative energy. Sometimes I feel I could live off pine pollen (in theory you can as it is a whole food) and I tend to keep a jar or two in my purse at all times. I have a very heavy purse!

O: Being an Alchemist and creating waves can divide people - how has your knowledge and offerings been received?
N: Ironically, though I am now pretty inundated with the social media and marketing world,  I actually rather lousy at self-promotion -- so it has always been important to me to offer something which can speak for itself and I think this was a major reason why I was attracted to working with Scott and Sun Potion. Most of the line is single-ingredient, single source, and everything is the highest quality offered in the most bio-available form.  When you offer a product that is so simple ad pure people have the opportunity to begin a more intimate relationship with the individual plant (mushroom or algae) itself. The three blends we offer have been formulated with much love and sincerity (one I even made in a dream!) and are offered as a simple way for people to begin to incorporate a spectrum of the foods into their diet and daily life. We try to keep it as simple and high-vibe as possible. We set an intention to come from a place of service and love, with the hope that people may become curious about the foods and perhaps investigate these "potions" for themselves... it is my role to inspire the curiosity which begins the healing process.... so far the reception is great. i am so grateful for this!
Was there a specific moment when your knew you had to be an Alchemist in your world? I think that the moment I realized  practicing alchemy could entail a union of elements - of herbs, lineage, healing, lifestyle, food, beauty, art, design --  I was IN.
What have you learned about yourself through your success? I am capable of being an absolute ninja!!
O: Are you passionate about what you do?
N: Yes!

O: Where did your passion for transformational and alchemical foods come from? 
N: Devotion to exquisite food and a very specific, even demanding taste. I love high quality foods. I love creating beautiful meals and experiences. I especially love that intuitive hit you get when you know you have done/made something "right" -- it ties so many dimensions together in a magical and strongly resonant sensation of clarity.

O: What wisdom would you offer someone wanting to be an Alchemist?
N: Study what you respect and admire while remaining connected and trusting of your personal taste, intuitive styles, sensory intelligence.

O: A piece of wisdom for your younger self?
N: Nitsa. do not fret, you are capable and worthy of success. AND it can be light, relaxed, simple... in your own way.  Trust in yourself.

O: When have you felt most like a Girl Almighty?
N: When I take risks as an artist -- I remember once in college I did a performance art piece where I invited an audience to cut off my (then waist-length golden) hair as they desired. I put myself in a very raw and vulnerable place, but the experience was highly liberating and of course - exhilarating! I felt slightly intoxicated by it, in fact... I believe this stems from a tendency to discover a deep reserve of inner power when I appear to be in a powerless position. I love finding the strength in surrender.
O: When do you feel most centred and grounded?
N: Drinking my morning tea in a quiet, sensory meditation. Sleeping beside Scott at night.

O: What epitomises a woman in her element?
N: A woman who is engaged and Present. in confidence, self-trust, self-love.

O: Who is your "Girl Almighty"? Living or otherwise.
N: So many women...it feels impossible to select just one "almighty" as I adore and am inspired by most women I encounter.  I just spent the last week up North in the Redwoods with a group of incredible women for Spirit Weavers Gathering. Profound Experience with many mighty women... hmm. But now that i think about it a little more -  Anais Nin has been a rather almighty source of inspiration as well as a magical guide for me in navigating the inner worlds of womanhood.  I have read her diaries and books many times over and feel her energetic presence and body of work have directly influenced my life and have provided a powerful voice of resonance and truth for many women.

O: What are your thoughts on beauty?
N: It is a powerful energy with the capacity to heal and transcend mediums. Beauty is a cosmic gift!

O: What quality do you most admire in a woman?
N: Intelligence + wisdom.

O: What quality do you most admire in a man?
N: Kindness.

O: A message for Mother Earth/Gaia?
N: I love you.

O: If you had a moment when the whole world was listening to you- what would you say?
N: We are in this together.

Also, their Instagram is fab.