As 2017 swiftly beckoned us into its arms, we face before us, another year of grounding into ourselves. How can we get there? 

December 31st, like a portal opened up before me, the sun shone and beamed like only a Sydney New Years knows how, the water undulating and sparkling on the harbour as if it was dancing just for the millions of people that would tune in to see Sydney in all her glory. The day unfolded perfectly for me, as it did for many. There is something about those days that just flow, a total ease about it that seems to create an energy of openness and possibility. All our plans seemed to fall away, a surrender to the evening ahead allowed for the potential of adventure and a certain flexibility and plasticity…just how I like it. Suffice to say, as the sun drew closer to the horizon, we haphazardly lit a barbecue, prepared a spread of earthly delights and imbibed in a liquid gold ambrosia tipple, full of summers bounty with a touch of gin, its botanicals surging and heightening the effervescent energy that permeated the evening. We were joined by two musicians, their stint at a music festival the day before brought them to our doorstep, stomachs rumbling, simply begging to be filled. The night was full and rich, we were promised adventures if we were open to its offerings.  As midnight neared, we went walkabout, searching for a vantage point to relish in the spectacle that lay before us; we were met with gates and barricades at every stop, soon surrendering to the fact that our evening wasn’t to pan out as planned after all. Once again, innocence. All it takes, and in that moment, the barricade opened, in the first moments of 2017, we ran and ran fast, a perfect metaphor for how the year ought to begin.

Once all was said and done, we sat, ebullient, audacious and full with vital, spirited energy, laying immersed in the symbolism and energy of what had just occurred, serenaded by unheard melodies for what seemed like hours. In that moment, I was completely rich with fervour for 2017.

January 1st awoke in a state of bleary eyed-ness; the eve before’s frenetic, bubbly energy still reverberating on a cellular level (maybe it was just a hangover?), but it was an energy of lightness, freshness with a kiss of naïveté. This innocence, this fresh day, no matter how little sleep and hydration you had the night before, gives way to the year ahead, allowing us to create a little microcosm of magic for our 2017 experience. 

We see this concept of resolutions bounce around conversation around this time of the year; the implication that somehow making it to New Years Eve and beyond is your reward for surviving the year prior. You get to aspire, you have a clean slate where your prospects and aspirations are almost limitless. To many, who err on the side of cynicism, they see this perspective and new outlook on life as mere pointless, pipe-dreams. I, however, revel in the experience of seeing our experience from a new vantage point where we give ourselves this compartmentalised understanding of how to create and view our selves as these pliable little earth beings who have the wherewithal to shift our often stagnated position. We’re not stuck, and giving ourselves context for a new beginning and new goals is a sometimes incomparably wonderful, effortless routine. It doesn't have to be complicated,

New Years Day gives us a fresh perspective on what unfurls ahead of us for the year ahead. 

I choose a life of fulness in 2017, maybe you do too; we’re completely unshackled in these moments of innocence and unexacting aspiration. Make it the year when you fearlessly expose yourself; your heart, soul, passion, inner fire and red energy. Expose and unfurl the things that aren’t necessarily palatable, but completely and totally form your unique human experience on this earthly plane. Lift the veil on the things that shape and mould your soul experience and that make you this totally imperfectly perfect thing, with aspirations, goals, likes, loves and experiences.

So run this year, run towards the opportunity, run past the gatekeepers and barricades and run fast.