Nature is magic. Nature is everywhere. 
Having grown up on the Avalon in Northern Beaches of Sydney, the ocean has always been paramount. I'm used to the sound of the ocean, lingering in the background. I didn't grow up in the country, climbing trees, but all my birthdays were spent picnicing on the sand and in between bites of homemade quiche and potato salad, jumping in the water. I was a water baby, being taken for swims out the back with my dad, diving under massive (in hindsight, not so massive) waves. For me, the sea has always been of great importance, my mum was raised in Hawaii and for her, I think it was the same, even more so, as she literally spent her days immersed in the ocean.. Just connecting with the ocean is so grounding and purifying, the Pisces Ascendant in me is addicted to even just the smell of the salt air and the squeaky sand.
A couple of years ago, I moved closer to the city and with the convenience of being close to the CBD, also came the fact that Sydney Harbour isn't the same as a beach, as glorious and majestic as it is, you don't get the lapping of water at your toes or the basking in the sun. Also, shoes are a must and where I grew up, they were 100% optional. I love beach culture, because it speaks volumes that we as a society (as disconnected as we sometimes are), choose to gravitate towards the ocean, just getting our toes wet and letting our feet sink into the wet sand with each undulation of the ocean. Its our way of connecting to Mother Nature. On my days off, I'll often go to Bondi and just sit and watch and breathe.
My mother always taught both my sister and I about grounding ourselves, when we felt disconnected or a bit out of it, emotionally or physically, we were taken outside and we breathed with the trees and imagined that our toes were tree roots, reaching into the earths crust and becoming intertwined with the roots of trees. This consciousness and awareness is so healing, and I'm so grateful for being taught that at an early age. Being raised with Steiner methodology, in kindergarten we were taken on bush walks and saw nature, season by season we saw change and connected to it. The lizards, mushrooms, rushing streams and birds.

Nature is so important, and everyone has their own special unique connection to it, whether you grew up in the country or the city, in a small town or a big one, connecting to an aspect of nature can be of the utmost importance. Touch a tree, sit on a hill and take in all the beauty that is around you. Be mindful of the leaves rustling, the dirt, the sand, sea, the sun or even the snow and rain. Take a breath and enjoy!

How do you connect to Mother Earth? What grounds you?