I was drawn to the nagnAta's incredible creations a while back, a yoga bag with a history. But so much more than that. Each piece is totally unique, manifesting themselves through age-old textiles, transformed into unique bags. This is thanks to dreamy mega-babe Laura May. These magic pieces are sourced from India and Rajasthan and re-purposed for the modern woman. The brand holds the feminine to a high regard. I love the way they support women, from the communities of women weaving in India, being educated in their cultural roots, to uniquely embracing each woman's essence in the nagnAta shoots. She continues to capture the essence of the women; power, comfort in our sexuality as well as an undeniable connection with mother nature. I got to be one of those ladies in a shoot we did this past December (is it already March?!) and here is the wonderful result. We got to watch the weather shift from sun to storm as it rolled in, waves crashing amongst the rocks and the once clear blue water, now reflecting the grey clouds of the sky above.

Photos by Hannah Gibbs at nagnAta for nagnAta