A.M.'s with Ondine

They say you're either a morning person or a night-owl. The most devastating thing about this is; reality is that I'm simultaneously a morning and evening person; therefore I'm more often than not matcha-powered, meditation and breath set keeping me relatively level-headed with my tonic in tow. As Hannah Montana would say, I've got the Best of Both Worlds.  

I am all for mornings. Firstly, there is that damn sunrise; deep hues that you'd otherwise miss, moments that seem to flit in and out - blink and you miss it. There is the complete and utter silence, all but the birds whose sweet tunes perfectly score my deep breaths and meditation - that, our those same sounds are drowned out by a good ol' morning playlist with dance solely responsible for getting those juices flowing. The whole city seems to lie dormant, this undisturbed tranquility lends well to a sublime day. Within this placidity, is room to create boundless energy or qi within the body. Every one of these elements contributing to energy pulsating through my meridians. The energy of the day is rising, bubbling to the surface...ride that wave and let your energy elevate.

I get asked a lot what my mornings look like.
I think we owe a lot of how our day pans out to how we roll out of bed. I'm legitimately triggered by Marimba. It's like Pavlov's Dogs only instead of "psychic secretion" and salivation, I get phantom sleep depravity. This reality is made painfully evident because 90% of the human population have Marimba as their default ringtone. 

For the most part, I'm a bit of a sweet drunkard in the morning - if you get me in my half-sleep mode, in the junction between REM sleep and full-blown wokeness, I talk nonsense and if you ask me the time I'll say "twenty seven and half past". It's that or I'll have lost all feeling in my right arm because I like to sleep with it above my head - so I'll have a dead, phantom arm that definitely has not accidentally punched me in the face as a stage two alarm clock. If at that point I'm not fully awake and ready for some breath work, then you can snooze for 3 minutes. Because that's definitely a very good, good, great sleep-in.

I like to have some alone time in the mornings; generally the alarm is 7am. I'll be up and at 'em and ready for some deep breathing and a meditation. Focusing on whatever energy I'm needing to harness and call upon for that day. Often I'll use visualisation: sitting in lotus posture and visualising golden light, rays of light streaming, pouring into my head, cascading with each breath through each part of my body, from my heart, out my body. Magic. This light enters the body and quickly removes all negativities, obscurations, fears and hindrances. I first learnt this from my mum, but we'd practice this in Buddhist scripture as a wee lil' sprout. When you're fresh out of bed, you're receptive, sweet and innocent - the energy permeates your inner core.

Then it's tonic time! For that recipe - check this out. You'll keep both physical and spiritual elements at bay.

I think you could say #GRWM, or like, #GetReadyWithMe, because that's what all the "cool" kids are doing. But I'm going to refrain from doing that for the sake of my ego.

Enjoy. And if meditation isn't yet your thing, and you'd like to dance with me in spirit - play my morning tunes for a good day guarantee. Or your money back. 


I've shifted about 90% of my routine to natural products, because in this chemical laden world, if I can be a conscious consumer to some degree, lessening the impact of chemicals on my endocrine system, adrenals and on the planet as a whole, then sign me up. These products are incredible and will change your routine. If you like matte skin then avert your eyes.


Jumper: Rag & Bone / Shorts: Levis 501s / Pants: Vintage