I haven't featured a whole lot of men on The Alchemists, not for any specific reasons...I love men. Both women and men are alchemists and I do intend to highlight that in the future. But where I'm at right now was focusing on the strength and heart of women. As a lady, I suppose you could say I relate.

I love the Rolling Stones, put on Gimme Shelter and the energy is palpable and can give me goosebumps as soon as that opening riff comes on, Merry Clayton's backing vocals and solo is spine-tinglingly riveting and simultaneously unnerving. Paint it Black is another amazing piece, literally depicting the malaise and dark inner workings of someone...and then there's Under My Thumb. I really love the Stones. I love the Blues roots, their Muddy Waters influence. I'm not even going to bother listing every song I like. Keith and Mick are my style spirit animal as we already know. The Stones were experimental, Jagger was/is an extraordinary lyricist, musician and performer/dancer, but Under My Thumb just gets to me. 
I love the song, on the surface this song is my jam, I listen to it regularly. As a 15 year old I danced to the intro of it for a school concert, against some other feminist musings so as to not make my self totally oblivious to what was actually being said. I was aware.
I'm not going to ignore that their are multiple readings of the song lyrics, similarly, I suppose the overarching idea is that there is a dominant and submissive relationship being depicted and its not tottaaaally clear who has who under their thumb because the tables turn every verse. He calls her the "sweetest pet in the world" and "The girl who once pushed me around". So comparatively, there is a duality in the relationship? Maybe? I don't know.  So maybe they're just super dysfunctional and have weird dominatrix thing happening. All that aside don't call me a pet, it won't fly with me, I'm a Capricorn.