This is my tonic that keeps ailments at bay (not a Dr. so, don't quote me!). 

If you need a wake-up call, literally and maybe spiritually (?), this is the drink for you. Not a day goes by when I don't drink some variation of this. It offers such a blissful morning routine, simple, full of chlorophyll rich chlorella, detoxifying, spiritually supportive and delicious.

In the line up we have wunderkind, Reishi working her magic, nourishing the mind and spirit and supporting the immune system. She is there through thick and thin. 
Rhodiola makes a well deserved appearance. She oxygenates the brain, supporting clarity of mind and body for the day ahead. Matcha, for the obvious caffeine hit, and of course the slew of antioxidants. 
Australian tonic herb aficionados Bliss Elixir provide a powder to support Prana (energy!); a perfect balance of adaptogens and life force enhancers.

Upon rising, down this baby and you're sure to be right as rain, all day. I make about a litre of this in the mornings,

I have a deep rooted, long held love for Matcha Green Tea, my obsession started early and has continued to flourished with the addition of age-old tonic herbs and chlorella that keeps the body firing.



1 tsp of Ceremonial Grade Matcha (or whatever type you can get your hands on!)
1 tsp of Broken Cell Wall Chlorella
1 tsp of Reishi
1/2 tsp of Rhodiola
1 tsp of Bliss Elixir "Prana" Powder
200ml of plant-milk of choice (I'm a huge coconut fan, but almond is my go-to today!)
500 ml of water
6 drops of stevia
Infinite Love.

Place all ingredients in a blender, thank the earth for its bounty, blend, dance and drink!

Featuring: Sun Potion, Bliss Elixir, Earth Circle Organics, 

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