When we speak about the divine feminine, without a doubt the terminology floats over some of our heads. What does it mean to completely and totally embody this ancient energy all the while maintaining a sense of modernity? It’s not all cave births and secret womens business. Of course we love our men, brothers, fathers and lovers, but it's my opinion, that the evolved feminine can not exist amongst the old patriarchy. The future cannot exist and thrive in that oppressive framework. It's not that the future is destined for only female dominion and occupation, more than that, we must allow the feminine energy to permeate our governments, institutions, authorities and families. It’s now time to once again tap into the feminine earth energy, or Gaia. We need the duality and harmony. 

For too long, the diminished masculine has controlled our world through fear and oppression, and as a human consciousness we must seek to evolve in our own lives through connectivity. We must also consciously seek out the feminine principles. These sensibilities for so long were deemed undesirable, hysterical, weak and a sign of incompetence. We now move into a stratum where we are able to see vulnerability as a strength, vulnerability is strength incarnate. It creates authenticity. We are understanding the embodiment of the true feminine energy and women globally are being receptive to and embracing these understandings into their world. 

How do we do that? 

We do that through appreciating the now, sitting where you're sitting and being present, being loving, compassionate, nurturing, silent and simultaneously knowing what true power is. We connect through working with nurturing, working through the understanding of compassion and true empathy. The earth is an extension of ourselves. To connect; you see beauty as connected to spirit. You take time to notice joy and passion, you embrace the creator in yourself. We listen. We nurture and cherish these qualities in others, but fundamentally for ourselves.

Many of the difficulties that we women face in this time, follow directly from the notion that we are swiftly moving into a sphere of this world that was formerly reserved for the male energy only, there is really no precedent for this experience we encounter. For thousands of years, the primordial symbiotic relationship between men and women was just that; harmonious, cooperative, sharing and cohabiting, understanding the fundamental role that both energies maintain. Life on earth can’t go on without it. But it shifted, maybe 2000 years ago, for one reason or another.

What we move into now is women shifting into the realm of individual quest, achievement and their own self-realisation. Our true challenge that we face today is to blossom and flourish as individuals, both masculine and feminine. We must seek out the balance so that we can actually expand in this emerging truth. All of this, whilst understanding the function of our archetypical biological roles. Working things out together through passion and compassion.

To understand what the sacred divine feminine means, we also have to understand the masculine. Both energies serve us in their own unique ways. Admittedly, as a whole the masculine and feminine energies globally are completely off kilter today. We see the dominating male force which primarily functions within our governments and corporations, controlling the world through fear and oppression. This is not the divine masculine, rather the diminished masculine, (which I am yet to find a purpose for.)  The true divine masculine has been diminished, repressed and damaged over time and like neural pathways in the brain set precedent for a falsified masculine energy. This presents itself as a bravado. The healing of both is integral to the awakening of men and women alike. There is a great deal of deep healing that needs to be actioned for the divine masculine to truly come into its own, this is also true for the feminine plane. The healing and awakening of both the masculine and feminine archetypes is not a job strictly applied to what gender you were assigned at your birth - it is wrong to assume that you do not need to delve into the depths of each. At the moment we’re being asked to evolve into a place of unchartered waters, this internal/external revolution is demanding that we do not sit idly by without questioning our old paradigms of fear and oppression. The duality exists deep within us. 

Duality doesn’t mean you’re separate, in this context duality means acknowledging the obvious differences in both energies and still choosing to move past it and beyond into a new paradigm that we don’t yet even know.