I really love reishi - I'm spoutin' the Queen Healers gospel left, right and centre. I think people want me to shut up about it, but I just won't. let. up.

The reason, you ask?

I've seen this magic in my life through incorporating this mushie into my daily arsenal. I've watched as my immune function was firing on all cylinders as my sister and mother were hit with a flu like no other. Despite nesting in the cess pool of viral, germy-ness, I came out on top, bright eyes and not a sniffle or neck ache in sight. Reishi is one of the most important adaptogenic tonic herbs as it assists your body in protecting itself, with its own power.

Why do I love reishi? In short this is why;

  1. I'm all for herbs and food supporting spiritual power - elevating you to a calmed and centred consciousness. I feel that with reishi. With only a teaspoon a day, I feel like my whole energy field contains itself into this perfect bubble of serene. So there's that.
  2. Its an adaptogen. I'm an adaptogen junkie. An adapto-junkie...? I dunno. But I really have a thing for adaptogens. These babies increase our resistance to stress and help it overcome all the challenges our body may face, and quickly! Researchers in Japan and China have done studies showing it has a regulatory effect on the immune system, raising immune function in cases of immunodeficiency.
  3. Traditionally in Chinese medicine, Reishi nourishes all Three Treasures. What treasures, you ask? Jing, Qi and Shen. Basically (its not a basic thing, at all, FYI!): Jing is our primal essence, governed by our parents at conception. We want to preserve our jing, by eliminating bodily stressors, poor nutrition etc. When we run out, we die. No dice. Qi, is our cosmic energy which flows through our meridians in our body, when the meridians are blocked = sick. No good. Shen is equal to our higher energies, our higher nature, our Spirit. Shen has to be developed through good virtues, dancing (check!), meditation, compassion and peace. All three treasures must be in harmony, as when we have good Jing and Qi, our Shen has a foundation to develop and bring peace of mind. 
    So there's that.
  4. It tastes good as tea, it tastes good in salad dressing, tastes good in coconut milk, tastes good because it IS GOOD!
  5. Protects the liver, which means more wiiiiine. I'm kidding, I really really really probably drink biodynamic, vegan wine or some alcoholic spirit three times a year, tops. When I do its blended with kombucha, muddled with pine pollen and maybe has cold pressed juice thrown in. But, I'm a huge liver lover. A lot of what I do is about protecting my liver, its something I'm aware of and so anything that supports and protects such a magical part of your body, is GOOD.

So there you have it. I really like Reishi and I have for a long time.

My favourite humans at Sun Potion make some magic mushroom goodness (amongst all the other goods of theirs that consume my mornings). Go buy it.