"My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature." 

"It is the peace of the forest that I carry inside"

Jane Goodall is #1. J This woman is per-fect with an absolute heart and soul of gold. Compassion extends life, compassion should be the cornerstone of educating children and adults alike. If the world were as compassionate and had a heart as deep and wide as Jane Goodall's then we would be living in a different world. The work this woman has completed is astounding and aspirational. 

Jane is the Queen of the Chimpanzees, a reign that has lasted over 50 years. Her organisation The Jane Goodall Institute is a global leader in the conservation of chimpanzees and their habitat. This superwoman travels 300 days a year to speak on behalf of chimpanzees and the environment. Accomplishing her life work at an early age - Jane has spent years examining the behaviour of primates (specifically in Tanzania). Her mission to educate humankind has brought her to all corners of the globe, teaching and inspiring change. We still have a way to go, but with hearts and minds as big as Jane's we can get there!

Today her work revolves around inspiring change in the world specifically around animals and the environment.

The work she has accomplished over her career is revolutionary and amazing.

Also Miss Stevie Nicks wrote the song "Jane" about Jane. So if I haven't convinced you she's insane and everything you want to be and otherworldly then there is clearly nothing more I can do for you.