I spend much of my time pondering how it is that we can reweave and mend the connection to those who walk this earth with us; both women and men alike. It is about the understanding of not only ourselves but the people we touch on a daily basis; the women we connect to, our partners, mothers, lovers, fathers, sisters & brothers. I know that for many of us at any given moment, this is at the forefront of our consciousness 

In a perfect world, International Womens Day is a permanent occurrence, an ongoing grounding and connective experience. At the crux of this, we realise we’re not so much tethered to our peers, but rather united in solidarity in an ongoing exploration of our own uniqueness. Each and every one of us. It is a very different time to be a woman. We are powerful, extraordinary, intelligent, multi-taskers, creatives, artists and the rest. We have had many victories, and yet there is still more for us to accomplish. Perhaps today it is for us to no longer need to just be introspective and isolated, rather to be caring beyond our boundaries, caring far beyond what is necessarily comfortable or palatable for us.

Through our own enquiry and consciousness, we can gain insight into ourselves and respond to our own world with an elevated perception and understanding of our surroundings. Though, of course, this can be easier said than done. 

Simply put, a very important aspect of our healing experience is being in touch with compassion. Compassion is an ethical virtue, an unfurling and opening of the heart, spurred on by empathising with the pain we see within ourselves, first. To understand compassion, we’re asked to make the step toward the wholistic nature of pain, thus increasing our capacity to empathise and embrace without judgement or ill-will to those around us, as well as ourselves. When you have the reference point for this you have a diving board for amplifying the compassionate energy. Through this, you’ll literally become an antennae for the healing frequency that we seek out and deserve. At every corner, we encounter judgement, hatred and oppression, just waiting to close our hearts again. Though, things can change (and they will!) when we are ceaselessly accessing and allowing the healing of our own emotional wounds, we’re able to intensify the compassionate fire that ought to be fuelling the fire in all of our bellies. This is key. 

Truly though, what actually is compassion? We hear it thrown about, but don’t sit with the energy and with ourselves as women long enough in our own self-enquiry to truly understand its purpose and its limitless potential. Its power is a tool. It’s a key to unlocking our own nature and our own interconnectedness.

If we go back to understanding the ways in which our world has been governed for many millennia; we understand that women (and men alike) have been subjected to and ruled by the urge to subjugate and have power over others. We know this to be true, we watch it in action and we perpetually battle with the ramifications of this domineering control.
This isn’t just about our sisters, but obviously it is a major conflict that the female and “fairer” sex has dealt with for some time. Far too long. 
When we’re completely diminished, we no longer have the inner-will to stand up for what we deserve. Conversely, when we do have this determination, we experience a perfectly timed rebellion within ourselves, resolute and tenacious. In these, wanton acts of power-control and the desire for rule, the ego of the perpetrator becomes destructive and unrestrained; a Bull in a China Shop. We simply become mere pawns in the means to satisfy the overarching egoic and power hungry objectives that surround us. What if we foster compassion? If we dig a little deeper we can see it come about first and foremost through our own exploration. It begins within ourselves.

Compassion is solidarity of the heart. 

We can’t externalise compassion first and then hope for it to ignite within us. This is simplistic and only skims the surface of what is truly a deep exploration of our human-ness. In this act of the plumbing of the depths of these principle concepts, we create space for an expansion into our exalted position as a compassionate women, reverberating across the cosmos. The energy of this is transcendental; intention is intention, energy is energy.

We can sit and mull in what has been, where it is we’ve been placed, or we can choose to utilise days like International Women’s Day for healing; for solidarity and empathising with the hearts and minds of those across the planet. If most of human nature is solely responsible for our dire global disparity and problems, paradoxically it is also the sole source of our solution. We can become disillusioned to the fact that to create change for women, we ourselves must transmit it first through ourselves. What is asked of us in this exploration, is that we connect to the hearts of women. We symbolically see a golden thread unifying all of us, every walk of life under one umbrella of female and human power. Compassion counteracts the completely destructive aspects of human nature and is the very part of ourselves that when tapped into, and when permitted to authentically flow outward is the sole solution to the inequality and difficulties we face as a people, and obviously as women. 

Compassion is tapping into the interconnectedness of life, it is rooted in the respect, equality and dignity that we so rightly deserve. It is our birthright. We are not born resentful, power-hungry, despots. We are born innocent, receptive, open-hearted, precious beings of light, that is us in our most authentic form. When we have a reference point for suffering and inequity we then have the context for the desire, we can feel a fire in our belly and see an unparalleled dignity, rooting for it to triumph over all. We have divine comprehension of what it feels like at the essence of our being! Feel it.
At the very core of this; compassion is the essence of empowerment. That’s powerful and life changing.

The transformation of us and our position as humans in this 21st century society can only come about through the metamorphosis and alchemy of peoples hearts and conviction. Courage is required in all of us, a resolute belief in our unrealised potential. There is so much within all of our hearts, unique offerings, wisdom, kindness, passion, fire and compassion. To continue to fire on all cylinders as women, requires the step into our compassionate authentic selves, letting it flow like a river. Go forth today and every day; spread the compassion within yourself first, touching you on a deep, cellular level. Then like a fountain of female magic, propagate it, a seed of healing to every woman and man that is lucky enough to meet you.

Be the change.

Originally posted on ManiaMania.

Collage by Maniamania