Here in Sydney, the long Summers leave time for deep thought. So often, the hot air is thick and the only sounds you can hear are native birds, leaves rustling and (depending your location) the ocean. This silence and noise allows space for shifting your gaze inwards and tapping into aspects of yourself that may get lost in the noise of day to day life. Yesterday, I was able to spent part of my afternoon after work with my godmother, an incredible yoga teacher and wonderful joyful heart, who only visits once a year. Along with that, I've been finding that the divine feminine energy has been appearing throughout my life recently, and presenting how necessary it is for me to awaken this crucial part of myself and access the vulnerability, strength, sensuality and heart that the sacred feminine encompasses. So, I spent the incredible gift of an afternoon drawing on the divine feminine energy within myself, releasing my resistance and welcoming the feminine essence.  We as women have been in a resistance to the sacred feminine energy for too long. For centuries the feminine energy has been stifled by society. Not realising that there must be a balance of both masculine and feminine energies for their to be harmony. We are needing to expand and embrace the duality of both the masculine and feminine energies; both yin and yang. It isn't one or the other.
When you can discern what these aspects of feminine energy are, you can recognise them in yourself, and allow it to reveal itself to you and continue to tap in to the magic of the feminine. These aspects can be love, compassion, sensuality, creation, openness, nurture, kindness and vulnerability. We all need this harmony.

I mixed some essential oils, in a carrier oil of jojoba. The blend was from the Perfect Potion, part of their Elements Series of Essential Oils called Fire and was a mix of ylang ylang, cedar wood, sandalwood, sweet orange and bergamot, for tapping into our sensuality, our inner fire and by massaging it into my skin, I was able to create a practice of self-love and nurturing. I adore Orchard St, and her Goddess remedy is potent and powerful for harnessing and facilitating a space for our inner goddess to flourish. Of course, crystals from my favourites at ManiaMania are the perfect accompaniment, both rose quartz for the heart and labradorite for our spirituality.
Sometimes, we just need to start a practice of acknowledgement for their to be any shift for us. So, today, I choose to possess all the wonder of the woman.

Collage by me.