I have fond memories of Tokyo Disneyland circa Halloween.

I was in Tokyo drumming for school and Disneyland notoriously had an abundance of princess themed groupies. So school band obviously had to make a day of it. We just had to get in on the action.
There is no parade like a Disneyland Halloween parade. You've gotta catch it, on the hour. It meticulously straddles the line between Guantanamo style torture and good clean, holiday fun. Perhaps the spooky flavour is in the subliminal messages? Redrum, redrum. Dunno.

I haven't given you that today, no torturous tunes here, Red Right Hand probably won't get stuck in your head. Toto Coelo's Dracula's Tango probably isn't rife with concealed messages. But this playlist will get you in the spooky mood, if you're having a party and need tunes, you can thank me later.