The FYU-CHA of FASH-UN. I’m always a damn lover of all things ethical and sustainable - when you throw clothes into that mix you have my heart. 

H&M, good on ya, from the bottom of my (not so) mean, green, kale-filled heart. H&M has recognised the importance of forward, conscious thinking (hello? Why is this taking so long for everyone else?) and continues to pave the way as pioneer in sustainability and ethics in the fast-fashion industry.

I had an epiphanal moment whilst traipsing through H&M and the heavens presented me with 2 items of pure me-ness. I chopped these already incredible flares to show just enough vintage embroidered boots courtesy of mum. They possess just enough crotch to waist ratio which we know is v. important. I also wore this shirt back to front, I don't know where this pure genius came from but I can only credit some saintly fashion figure. Who are they? I owe it all to them. Pair it with a jacket from Reformation and I'm a happy chick. I had a true realisation amongst the bevies of knits and haphazardly folded sweaters, found an alley and this is what happened.