Sea World is still deluded in thinking they are conservationists and environmentalists and I'm still pissed off that they're keeping Whales, Dolphins, Sentient Beings in captivity. Thank goodness their attendance is in a huge decline, despite all of the damage control they attempt to do. What's even more disgusting is their brainwashing of children and their blatant and continual lies. We know that captivity is no longer necessary for education. Humans have this need to dissect and see everything up close, but these beings are meant to live their lives in the oceans, in their communities with their families.  Even more of a shame is the fact that its not just SeaWorld that are harming cetaceans globally. I love Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project; an organisation that brings awareness towards the plight of cetaceans from Miami to Taiji. The work they do is unparalleled and fearless...and its making a difference! The Cove killings were at a record low as of January, as films like The Cove, Blackfish and others bring international awareness and inspire compassion. This is no easy feat, in a world where there is often conflict of some degree - the fact that there are people uniting to fight for the animals and against corporations is massive and such an important milestone for the future of Earth.
Whats more, there are numerous public figures who are standing up and being Alchemists and activists - this past week Harry Styles urged concert goers "Don't go to Sea World", spurring a hilariously disappointing open letter from SeaWorld and support from activists. These are the people that are the future, and its a bright future if we continue to stand up for animals and create a ground swell with unique communities and fans.

So yesterday, I took in a deep, long breath of salty Tamarama air, being with the beach and nature is incredibly necessary and grounding. I honoured the earthlings the inhabit our beautiful oceans with my 70's Dolphin Project Tee loud and proud because they need our help.

Tee, Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project / Jacket, Zara (not fur obviously, I am not a heathen) / Jeans, 70's Vintage Jeans / Belt, Super Olllllld Bik Bok / Jewels, ManiaMania