CHRISTMAS is upon us. Also people are very picky and our brains are overloaded this time of year. So here's the gift list to ensure your friends and family are supported on their road to spiritual expansion, with a touch of conscious consumerism. 

1. Facial at Sydney Natural Beauty Apothecary Luna Apothecary - $120.00

2. The Ayu's newly launched Ayurvedic Body Oil; available in Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Self-care at Christmas is paramount - $60.00

3. Valet's super duper 60's ear lobe magic. Put Christmas decorations on your ears - $149.00

4. Lonely makes bra's that make you feel less lonely. Another self-care ritual. Nice undies make you feel good inside and out. Wear red for Christmas cheer. - $70.00

5. Brain Dust by Moon Juice; because your brain needs an extra boost this season. Double dose. Spike your parents drinks, spike your grandparents pudding, put it on your pavlova. We're gonna need it to keep those conversations flowing and the stress levels low. - $38.00

6. Claire Vivier "Oui" Scarf. Say yes to life. Keep warm, keep cool. Wherever you might be. Say yes. - $55.00

7. Um. Matcha is good. Matcha from the babes at CAP Beauty is better. Go green and never turn back. Pop it in your egg nog to get you through the night, or sprinkle it in your salad dressings. It's gonna be gravy, baby. - $34.00

8. Monoi Tiare Oil. My mum swore by this as she was raised in Oahu. This is for my Aussie girls, get a good glow. Smell like a Polynesian angel, glow, hydrate, repeat. - $12.00

9. Last year Byredo's "Alter" candle saved the olfactory day/Christmas. Its worth it, stockpile for years to come. - $89.00

10. My mum knows how to get the New Year's juices flowing; she's doing a special deal for 2018 - $150 for a 45 minute Skype setting proper intentions for this New Year. Spaces filling. Gift it to everyone who needs a bit of guidance aka. everyone. - $150.00

11. The ultimate act of self-care. Give yourself sustainable, cleansed diamonds from my eternal loves at ManiaMania; give this to those you love, yourself. Starting at $590.00