I was super stoked to be asked by the wonderful Free People contributor Natalie Shukur, to be featured in a four part series of incredible Aussie women. Not only was it an honour to be amongst a bevy of super special women, but Free People is a brand I've loved for what feels like an eternity, so seeing my face in their email and on their blog made my day/week/month/maybe year (but its still only March).
Free People embodies freedom, femininity and authenticity, they remain true to their ethos which resonates with that of my own. I got to talk about intention, gratitude, passion, moving my body, seeing beauty wherever I go and my high vibration life. Head to their magical wonderland of a blog to check out my interview and while you're at it, go for a gander through the depths of their blog and be inspired by the other ladies that are, as Free People puts it, Aus-ome.