via Dan Roberts for US Vogue

via Dan Roberts for US Vogue

via Vogue Paris  by Sandra Semburg

via Vogue Paris by Sandra Semburg

Fashion week here in Sydney rears its freshly blow-dried and surf-sprayed head once again this past week, and as fast as you can say ‘clean lines’ and ‘fashion forward’ its gone again, a trail of Le Labo's Santal 33 the only thing remaining.

Funnily enough, for the most part Carriageworks (the home of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australa) is my Saturday stomping ground, my favourite farmers markets run each week with organic produce and truffle oil up the wazoo, my basket is full with heirloom tomatoes in Summer, and endless varieties of mushrooms and cheeses that are begging for the local wines to be paired with.  Alas, there is a huge void begging to be filled in the farmers market arena with leather jackets draped over shoulders and stilettos, so MBFWA couldn’t come at a better time. The vast dichotomy between Fashion vs Farmers Market is especially clear to me in these moments. Still, fashion week can be a super duper fun, wild time if you allow it, there is a heap of room amongst all the action that goes on to be mindful, sit in silence, be observant, joyful and innocent. Who could imagine? How…? you ask…

In preparation for what can truly be a challenging experience - in that, for those 5 days of unadulterated, high voltage “fashion” there is a level of putting certain priorities on the sideline, instead, it’s all about putting fashion front and centre. In saying that, cynicism isn’t what we need, so for those moments, to honour the creation, the unique expression and joy that fashion week can offer is super important. Thats what we’re there for, right? 

Photo by @indyhd for @backstreetbyindia

Photo by @indyhd for @backstreetbyindia

But I’m jumping the gun; how do you prepare for fashion week all the while totally remaining true to your virtues and in integrity and authenticity.

Amongst all the craziness,  its so important to feel like yourself. When you walk out the door wearing whatever it may be, you want to embody yourself in the most empowered state. I’m talking, Jagger vibes going off the richter scale. You need to feel the chutzpah radiating out your fingertips. To get to that point, you’ve got to be in tune with what you like, what clothes, jewellery, shoes your attracted to, what turns you on in the shoe department (spoiler alert: a lot!)…what inspires you and makes you feel in touch. In that moment its not about anyone else. It never is, and never should be. The trick is feeling good, feeling totally comfortable, centred and like you could weave magic with every Gucci flavoured step. So outfit planning for fashion week went like this…vintage shopping, some tailoring, a bit of foresight (ie. sales) and the most imperative, crucial element of any outfit was feeling “me”. The worst thing you can do is dress for other people, you’ll feel uncomfortable, ungrounded and as a result, genuinely shit. No good.

My wardrobe largely consists of vintage finds, each little gem presenting itself in the strangest of ways, the hunt is so rewarding and with each discovery comes a beautifully made, eco-friendly, mostly quite affordable, piece of history, with a story of its own. But the magic is I never go in actively pursuing the perfect piece, they sort of appear in their own time.

via Chronicles of Her and US Vogue


I’m a playlist/hype music woman. I need some good tunes to get me in a good mood and with each outfit came a good tune to get me in the mood. Music has the power to transcend time, I just imagine all my little cells being informed with Rolling Stones (need that sexy blues to flow), Shuggie Otis, Brian Jonestown Massacre for the endless psychedelic inspiration, T Rex and Zeppelin. With an infusion of Jacques Dutronc and a twist of Francoise Hardy. 


As always, the energy of whatever food I put into my body is imperative in creating a harmonious existence as a whole. I try to ensure that I fill my plate with an abundance of raw, living, fermented, fat filled, lovingly prepared foods most (not all the time) of the time, ensuring that I utilise tonic herbs and lovingly prepared fresh foods that are conducive to physical, mental and spiritual health at every given moment. Food prepared with love and eaten with gratitude creates love and consciousness. That being said, I really love chocolate covered almonds, croissants and have a very cloud like soft (really fucking soft) spot for good hot chips. And like clockwork the holistic blog/writer chants “moderation is key.” For fashion week, I made sure I was eating lots of healthy fats (ie. avocado, ghee, MCT’s, seeds, olive oil, coconut butter) to keep the skin glowing and brain powering and lots of greens because, eat your greens. With that, however I incorporate the building of life force through exercise to enhance and expand consciousness and mindfulness. We’re talking dance, running, weights, plyometrics and fidgeting. There is nothing more endearing than increased physical and spiritual energy, it’s the best accessory. Also, drink a tonne of water...your skin will thank you!


Nurturing the mind in the lead up to fashion week was so essential, in order to feel good you actually have to feel good, its visceral. You have to have a level of composure and connectivity with yourself in order to feel at home in your body and to feel completely aplomb, unshakeable and with that joie de vivre that makes life just flow. Be connected to what you’re feeling at that moment. Mindfulness in the run up to fashion week and on the day probably is my number one rule. It’s all very hectic, there is a lot of frenetic energy bouncing all over the place, I’m incredibly sensitive to that and inadvertently take it on if I’m not ultra vigilant with my thought, so taking the time to just breathe all the way into my cells, into my toes and into my fingertips, in every step I took was in essence, my favourite tool in my arsenal. Mindfulness whilst impatiently waiting for infinitely tardy shows to begin and whilst drinking coffee, sitting in cars, walking to a train station in rush hour, the unglamourous paradox of wearing Gucci platforms and a white suit and in one hand, a bag of groceries from Woolworths, grey, crackling plastic - the perfect anchor back down to earth. This too was done with ease and a deep breath.


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