Much of our world revolves around this idea of cyclical rhythms, 24 hours pass and the new day beams forth, the seasons ebb and flow, one merging seamlessly into the next. The sun continues to bring forth new life, the seed bursting forth from the moistened rich soil, the moon shifting tides across the planet. 
We age, the sweet graceful innocence of the baby transforms to the maiden, the maiden to mother and mother to crone. Our life is cyclical and continues to undulate.

The notion of cycles is deeply ingrained in our existence, and it goes on. As women, we have a sense of rhythm that deeply ties us to the cycles of the moon, and with this thread of total one-ness with our cosmic mother women are compelled and asked to connect to this energy for a time of introspection, rejuvenation and clarity. As the moon waxes and wanes we allow our bodies to connect and like a wave, enjoy quietude and dynamism, expanding our gaze outwards, experiencing both self-enquiry and interacting seamlessly with our external world. This is incredibly powerful, knowing that just by being a woman we are intrinsically bound to this universal energy and being aware of how is can effect us and what we're being called to do as a direct result of this is important. 
This undulation is sacred, embody and cherish the shakti prana within yourself. Connect with the moon.
I was gifted with this Moon talisman from the wonderful jewellery alchemist at Cleopatras Bling. This pendant can assist in reminding me of my innate connection to feminine and the moon, I am constantly being asked to ebb and flow in my human and feminine experience; with dynamic powerful energy and the contrasting passivity. We need both; we need to tap into all the energies that intertwine to form our power and feminine prowess. Add a bit of Simone de Beauvoir in tow for that extra bit of sass.