I love chanting, and I also love the Stones, so my musical match made in heaven is some good ol' rock with some Indian influence. The musical way to my heart is a tabla and a sitar jamming it out. As a long time drummer myself, the focus on rhythm in Indian music is especially addictive for me. My next venture is the tabla. Jagger did it, Gainsbourg did it, Beatles did it, Plant and Page did it, Morrison did it and I love them all the more for their experimental, psychedelic rock. Some of the best music of the 60's and early 70's had that heavy Indian influence. Then there are some special appearances from 90's psychedelic rock maestro Antoine Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), (who PS, are a must see live!) and Kula Shaker who were especially nifty and used Sanskrit in a lot of their pieces. This playlist is the perfect introduction to Raga Rock. Some perfect sunny Monday listening...today in Sydney the sun is shining and this music is bringing good vibrations! After the JUMP!!!