Denim is the question and denim is the answer.

Denim is an elusive figure; appearing daily on the legs and in hearts of those across the world. 

A good jean has the ability to gently caress an ass, flatten a stomach, elongate a leg, compliment a red lip, channel Diana Ross, Steinem, Sade Adu, Cher, Birkin, Steve McQueen, Brando and every other denim clad icon your heart desires. Its all there, all the secrets of the world contained within the deep blue hue. I call it the Denim-ine Mystique. 

There is no limit to the potent power of denim, jeans whatever you want to call 'em - on its lonesome, doubled up, bleached and ripped. My jean collection is verging on criminal, but like a good mother, you can never pick favourites.
The unadulterated simplicity of denim is unrivalled; the white tee comes close but the white tee doesn’t take stains like a 501 does, it doesn’t effortlessly rip, fringe and whisker like a vintage jean. The white tee can’t resist creases like denim can. You can’t not wash a white tee shirt, that would be gross.

So we take a look at the ways to wear denim that effortlessly transition you from disco night look, to a nice pert Springsteen ass. Denim a la me.

The Double Denim:

Some say Canadian Tuxedo…I say give me a French-Canadian passport and marry me off to young Justin Trudeau. If this is what it means to be Canadian then sign me up. This is the French Canadian Tuxedo, a modern take on the Timberlake/Spears fiasco but Frenchified. This features a good Wrangler pair that don't fit me if I even feign to eat baguette. So sad. So no baked goods for me. I will go as far as triple denim if I’m pushed hard enough. Don’t push me, ‘cause I’m close to the edge.

Jacket: Bassike, Top: Realisation Par, Jeans: Vintage Wrangler

Disco Denim:

These jeans were a perfect market find, they clearly have been patiently waiting for our chance encounter since the 70s. Our meeting was love and first sight and our relationship continues to blossom and go through the trials and tribulations of no elastane and being white. Alas, that is true love. As AMCO aptly promised; I feel peachy in these babies, good bum room, legs feel like they go up to my arm pits, it gets real in the crotch area but I think that is essentially part of a good 70s jean. The white jean flows to a disco denim feel; crank up the Shuggie Otis and Boney M.

Jeans: Amco, Tee: Uniqlo, Shoes: Scanlan Theodore

The Classique 501:

This is the holy-grail of denim, the 501 is your best friend and like a good best friend, it takes time to find the right one. You can choose your friends, remember? Though, like a wand, the right pair must choose you, too. Finding a good fitting 501 takes time, I have a collection that has taken years (not even joking) to curate. This friend is there for you when you go to the farmers market, and sticks by your side at dinner, a diaphanous, silken shirt slightly tucked in to her. She is actually not French, is a little bit Western. She gives a little when you eat too much and after a wash will be back to her old self. She is a hugger and is always high and wa(i)sted. This sounds exactly like all your best girlfriends, right?

Blouse: Lee Mathews, Jeans: Levis

The Indigo Child:

This is the uniform of indigo children around the globe, we get it at birth and use it to power up and get the chakras aligned. Its the key to get our third-eye to open up. Just pop on a good denim combo and say “Indi-Gogo Girl” three times in a mirror, click your heels and your ajna will open and consciousness will expand, you will perceive your celestial body and experience total “beingness”, at one with the universe. This outfit is actually a portal to higher dimensions.

Skirt: Reformation, Top: Vale Denim, Scarf: Ellery

The Stranded Sailor aka Wide Leg:

This look is inspired by the story of a sailor who had nothing to protect his body from the elements but an Ellery scarf and the jeans on his body. God rest his chic soul. These wide leg sailor style pant must be accompanied with swearing like a said sailor, drinking rum and smoking a pipe. These aren’t pictured, but I they’re safely tucked away in my basket nestled amongst Brain and Beauty Dust and Tarot Cards. This pant is a Japanese denim, tres exotique.

Scarf: Ellery, Jeans: Lee Mathews