Chloe Slattery radiates. As she floated in to the sun drenched porch at Folk Byron, I knew our interview was going to be rife with sacred womens business, talks on value and worth, social media, business ventures and other earthly pursuits. It was perfection. Like so many of the women that I meet, we've created little friendships through the wondrous power of social media. We sipped on house-kombucha and hot chilli cacao plant-powered magic. Food was out of the question, we had too much ground to cover and a bite of Folk's notoriously crazy good bowls would have caused hindrance to our perfectly flowy conversation. Chloe, (some may know her as Mojo Minx from Instagram) is a model, creator, woman, space holder and alchemist (obviously!). Her use of her body as a canvas and embodiment of the feminine is an example many women ought to follow; which is where the Mojo Mecca comes in; elucidating and shedding light on life as women, young and old, guiding many through the ebbs and flows in their youth. Its confusing being a lady, and Chloe has a remedy for every malady. She creates space for tapping into our sacred feminine and allowing young women to realise our feminine potential. Right up my alley. Get a load of this!

Ondine: The first question I have for you is, what is your Zodiac sign?
Chloe: Taurus.

O: Would you consider yourself a classic Taurus?
C: I only know some of the characteristics. I know that it's an earth sign. They're typically quite grounded and practical and like creature comforts and can be a bit stubborn. I really like to have a space where I can feel at home and put all my cool, little things around and have it set up in a way that I can wake up and feel comfortable and feel inspired in that space. 
Recently, I have been a bit more jumping around and living in a van with my boyfriend as we're trying to ground a bit more. I noticed my energy kind of gets a bit more scattered, and I don't feel as much inspired as I would be if I have my own, little zone where I can go and just be comfortable. I appreciate that free, gypsy sort of lifestyle.

O: I feel that. I feel like I know myself and the way I am. I know that I need to have a ground place that I can call my own with my own things.
C: A sanctuary.

O: Yeah, exactly. I do appreciate that other people can live that nomadic thing and just go with the flow. I find that I'm better, I feel more comfortable and safe. It's nice to sometimes have somewhere where you feel safe. 
C: Then from that space, you know that you can be anywhere. You still have the inspiration to travel. You still have the inspiration to do and be in all these different places but to know that you have that home. It's all set up there for you. 

O: What do you do, and why do you do it?
C: Right now, I am a bowl designer. I started my first product, and I'm selling them online and in stores. I have so many other ideas that I would like to manufacture. I probably will be going back to Bali soon to do that. 
In Bali, I was modeling pretty much full-time with an agency there. That was good to get me able to save and get me by. Right now, I guess I'm more freed up. I'm not really with an agency anymore. I quit the agency that I was with in Sydney. 
I really, really enjoy modeling. I enjoy the energy of just being able to embody different characters and express beauty, express love. Through my being, if I can inspire something in someone else, if they see a photo of me especially when I collaborate with my boyfriend who is an amazing photographer, it's like when we are in the space of that creation, just so much magic can come through. 
It's really beautiful to compliment that and for other people to see it. I've had so many people say to me that the magic that we create together just creates healing within them, just seeing a photo and being able to step into another world, just experience whatever we were carrying.

O: I think it's amazing as well with what you've done. I like Instagram for that place because we can just find these amazing people. The beautiful thing about your photos has always been that it's always felt like, obviously, your being, body and character but you're almost being part of who you are as a woman.
That's a really amazing thing where you’re a blank canvas. It's as if you've embodied this femininity and this beauty in the photos. I feel like that is really tangible through them. That's why people respond so well to them. There is a really beautiful energy about it. What would you say you're doing with the Mojo Mecca? That's an amazing creation of yours.
C: It's come together in different pieces and different inspirations. About a year ago, I had this vision at Uplift Festival. It's an amazing festival with incredible speakers coming from around the world, lots of indigenous elders and people who are just really, really switched on. 
They'll have biochemists who are speaking about how you can actively change the DNA in your body just by coming into it. It was all around spiritual teachings but in really practical ways. I was listening to some indigenous people speak. I just knew that I would be, one day, holding Coming of Age ceremonies for young girls. I'd always been inspired to help young women. That was kind of the age that I was mostly inspired by, teenage to our 20s. 
I really wanted to have a space where I could have my own, little platform. I guess that's probably a Taurus thing coming up, having a space to create from and to share from. I just did it. 

O: It's really beautiful, and it's a really amazing space. I’vebeen having conversations about this in terms of young women. It's very difficult in this world. You can blame a lot on social media, but conversely there are really great things about it, for instance, what you’re doing. 
It's very difficult in this world because there are a lot of confusing, conflicting ideas about what a woman should be, what's expected of a woman. I don't think it's being taught, the importance of the psyche of feminine and being in touch with the feminine as well as the masculine in us. That's why I love what you do with the website because it was like going back to ancient, sacred women's business and respecting what they know in that way.
C: Yeah, totally. My main intention behind the site is to present these rituals and this ancient information of how to reconnect with the earth but in a way that young girls can integrate and understand the language. I know that there's so many people coming from whatever regular society, and they're hearing “sacred feminine.” They're hearing this language, and they're kind of automatically shutting off from it because they see it as crazy, hippie stuff. My whole thing is to really present it in language and in words that they can understand, and it feels cool or trendy to them.

O: Making it accessible is key! My mother teaches spirituality, so it's easy for both my sister and I to “get it”, having been raised in an environments, it's very easy to understand the language and we had a lot of emphasis on the importance of being grounded. For somebody who hasn't been raised with that, I think it can be incredibly difficult to even cross. I think facilitating that for women is so important.
C: Another one of the main intentions is to create more conversation with young girls and create more community so they realize that they're not alone in any of the shit that's going on. Their bodies are changing. There's stress at school. There's boys. So much stuff goes on in that teenage brain.

O: The sacred circle thing is so old and so important. We've now come into this space where it’s like, "Throw that away. That's maybe too intimate." A lot of women, both young and old are struggling because they are feeling that same feeling of being alone and not understanding what it means to be a woman. 
C: It's so important. Women knew it from the beginning of time. That's why women would all bleed together, so they could go and sit in a circle and receive visions and wisdom and share with one another for the benefit of the whole community.

O: It's turned into such a taboo subject like you don't talk about it because it might be awkward because it is such a male-dominated, basic society. I think what you're offering is absolutely amazing.
C: I've seen beautiful transformations and a raise in confidence and awareness in the girls that have been joining since the beginning. It's really beautiful, the ones who do join. We all have so much that we can give to one another. We all have these passions and these ways of life that are really different. I've just learned so much and grown so much for myself. 

O: Learning from everybody is nice. Obviously, my blog is called The Alchemists. I'm interested in this idea of a subverted,  21st century alchemist which is why the women I pick to talk to are creating alchemy in their worlds in various ways. I consider you an alchemist. Not everybody has a relationship to alchemy, but how would you describe alchemy for yourself?
C: Alchemy, for me, feels like a really ancient word. It kind of reminds me of around Israel. I guess that's probably from the book. It just means someone who is able to work with the elements and combine them in ways that create healing, create beauty and create shifts. I guess it's someone who can work with elements and work with many different things to combine them and create something new and beautiful.

O: It's interesting talking to different women about what they feel about alchemy is really great. I think this whole concept of the 21st century perspective, is the idea of process and that we're always in a process. We're always moving through something. It’s not really about the end point, but everything that goes on in between. Obviously, if you're searching for the endpoint all the time and the philosophers stone in that old sense of the word, you do get lost in that. I think it's interesting to hear everybody's perspective on it because everybody's right. I like hearing it. When have you felt strongest as a woman?
C: I feel strongest when I am speaking from something beyond me, from something that I may have not thought of before and it's just coming through me. It's usually when I'm holding the callsor I'm doing a video on my YouTube channel or something. It's just coming from a place that's not really about me. It's about whatever wisdom wants to come through me for the benefit of whoever I'm speaking to. It just makes me believe that any information or any wisdom is available to you at any moment. It's not so much about you. If you can be invested to carry that information, then it's such a beautiful thing when I'm speaking truth.

O: Who would consider your 'Girl Almighty', living or otherwise?
C: Many people that I've seen through Instagram and through social media I'm super-inspired by and would love to meet. There's a woman who's created this gathering called Spirit Weaver’s Gathering.

O: Yes, in California. 
C: Her name on Instagram is DaughterOfTheSun. I feel really connected to her. I feel gathering to meet her one day. Her community of women, also her close friends who have followed also are just super-beautiful people. I'm really excited to meet them one day. There's so many women I'm inspired by.

O: It's hard to always pick one. You say one and then you're like, "Oh, wait. There's this person as well." I'm such a cop-out. I'm like, "My mom." Then I'm like, "I know her so I don't need to …" I think the strong women right now are the ones who are uplifting the feminine. We are in unity. We need to connect as sisters. I think they're popping up everywhere.
C: It's so amazing how we're all drawing from the same source. We're all drawing from the same need that says, "Women need to come together again." When women come together, wisdom is shared, healing happens and then the world is transformed. We've come from centuries of a male-dominated society. That's clearly not worked for us.

O: Our bodies are transformative as well. The magic that a woman holds within her body is just so incredible. I'm always so in awe of it. I'll have moments where I'll just be like, "Oh, my god." It's crazy alchemy of the body. It is coming from a time where there is often conflict between women in terms of comparison and argument. We work better when we're all communicating in a circle and we're all one and respecting that. One of my other questions is this one. If you had a moment when the whole world was listening, what would you say?
C: I guess it would have to come along the same lines as what we've been saying before because that's what I'm passionate about. Women need to come together more. Women need to talk and share their struggles, share their dreams, share what they want to manifest. When women come together, so much healing happens. All is transformed, and all can be healed. 

O: I think the power of the woman has sort of been diminished, women especially. I think it comes from a conditioning that men have put women in that position. I think now women continually put themselves in the position that they don't have the ability to create shifts and that they are powerless. What you're doing by helping remember that they are powerful is really incredible. That's where there is change and alchemy created.
C: I love that word. I also, about a week ago, went to this thing with this beautiful, Israeli alchemist. He works with this organic gold that's 24-carat. The way he creates is just full, full alchemy. It's beautiful. I kind of co-created it with him because you get to work with the fire and watch the gold shift and change forms. You write. Before we started, we did a page and set different energies that we wanted to call in. It was like comfort and that truth, just beauty, all of these things. While this was a flat shape, I used the crystal pen to write all the words into it. Then, we fired it again. 

O: It is cool because Instagram does does create, its an amazing community of humans out there… it comes back to creating that conversation. It's like when our mom had us, she had a natural birth. It was like she had to go at that, pretty much, alone. 
C: It had to come from her woman in her. It wasn't like, "I've seen somebody else do this." She had to say, "This is what my body wants for me."

O: Also then being able to be in the space where you can find your community, it can be really powerful. I think that's one of those things, being a 20-year old girl, it can actually be really hard to find people, like-minded individuals that share your beliefs. That's been a thing for me just getting to come along is that you get to know that there's so many great women out there in the world.
C: It's really, really comforting, isn't it?

O: It's so comforting.
C: Just to know that we are on this same level and so many more people are feeling this also, feeling this way of being and living and eating and interacting with the world. It's really, really lovely. I think it's so much easier for young people, also, to make these shifts earlier. That's why I feel inspired to do these maybe … I would really love to create a women's circle that I could take to different places.

O: I think this land is so … there's so much spiritual energy in Australia as a country. You hear about the sacred women's business within communities, especially within the indigenous communities here. It is in the land. It's important to honor the land as having that ability to be a conduit of that energy as well.
C: Yeah. As soon as I came back, I was just like, “Whew.” 

O: You have alchemised these incredible Gratitude Bowls, with mantras inscribed. What was the motivation behind that? I love the idea of eating with gratitude.
C: It's been a big journey for me to appreciate food and to have an energy of gratitude rather than the guilt and the fear and the shame after eating something. When I was probably 15 to 17, I had anorexia. That was a huge journey for me to actually feel like I deserved to eat. It was a big journey to get into that attitude. It started from, I think, I wasn't eating well and stuff. My mom was exercising after her divorce. It was this huge process of me trying to heal from that. 
Still, to this day, that energy can still come in sometimes. I see it as not me anymore. That's the thing to cross that it's not you, that voice that's telling you that you're fat or that you don't deserve this or seeing certain images in the mirror that's not you. It doesn't belong to you. It's not you. I think that's the biggest thing to cross with that, not to get too attached to that.

O: I think it's important that when I saw the bowl as well, I think it would be such a healing tool for so many girls no matter what they're going through, whether they're having eating disorders or whether they just need to remember that food is there to be vital to your body and nourishing. It's coming from the earth, and it's Mother Earth. It's giving something to you. 
C: Yeah, exactly. It's the energy in which you were consuming. I've noticed huge shifts since I do take the time and speak of what I'm grateful for and to take a few breaths. Once you do open up that space, you just realise how much you do have to be grateful for. You can set intentions also for the food to digest really well and to create healing. It’s obviously alive. It feels the energy that you're holding.

O: What we know about vibration as well, the ability to shift thing vibrationally in all different, everything is energy and so it makes sense that the gratitude you express or the hatred you express for the food that you're going to eat or the drink that you're going to drink is actually going to have an effect physically in your body
C: Yeah. There would be some good just to serve as a reminder for people to get into that space. Because they're made of coconut, they have that natural element to them anyways. It was a natural choice to use coconut. They're so abundant in Bali. It's almost like recycling to commit them in that way. It's a little bit hard to price them. I've come up with some resistance in that because some of them are smaller than others. Some of them are lighter than others, but they all hold the same energy. They still uplift people.

O: Again, it's that thing with knowing your worth.
C: Yeah. I've come up with a lot of resistance in that it's just saying that I know these are going to be a really, really special item for someone. It's not like any other regular bowl. It's got a different, magic element to it. People see that.