Here lies a love inducing, bliss filled, heart opening concoction of tonic herbs to get your heart fluttering. On a personal level its trés importante to focus on the energy of love, and letting it flow like a river, permeating your body on a cellular level. This makes room for a more expansive love energy, if you feel love, you'll transmit that like radio waves, only without the negative side effects of EMF's (Electro Magnetic Fields). We need this love, especially on this planet at this moment in time. So let's drink to love, big and small!

This is made with tonic herbs to assist hormonally, aphrodisiacs, the muy caliente cayenne and the pink bombshell that is beetroot, very crucial for blood cleansing and grounding into the earth - think your base chakra. This will get you feeling fine, whether you're single or with a lover. 

As a whole, this features some pretty insane heart openers, Sun Potions Bliss Alchemy Anandamide is chock full of a perfect mix of plant power (cacao, rose petals, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper) as well as being a great balance of herbs to reduce stress, ease the mind and get you in the mood for love. I added some extra rose in the form of the incredibly potent Cilk Rosewater, which I add to my kombucha, soda water, kefir and the rest to invoke heart in all its wonder, revitalise the mind and body from the inside out. Self-care is very important.


1 tbsp of Sun Potion Anandamide
1 tsp of Sun Potion Pine Pollen
1 tsp of He Shou Wu
10 drops of Cilk Rosewater
2 tsp of beetroot powder
200mL of plant milk
300ml of warm water
6 drops of stevia

Place all ingredients in your blender, thank the earth for the magic it provides, the elements for coming together to nourish you, blend away, do a lil dance to get the endorphins flowing. Drink with yourself or with the one you love. Enjoy!