"I went to jail for 11 days for disturbing the peace; I was trying to disturb the war".

Joan Baez; Capricorn, magic Woman, Human Rights Activist, Childrens Rights Activist, Environmental Rights Activist, Womens Rights Activist, singer, peace devotee. Her smile lit up Woodstock. Without Joan maybe we wouldn't know Bob. Without Joan, I'm sure society globally would be totally different.
Joan's angelic (often haunting) voice sharply contrasted the fight of her generation and others. Her mission was peace and she was frequently jailed for her protests against the Vietnam War and copped flack for her continual support of the civil rights movement. She was fearless.
Protest and consciousness ran through her veins, her father left his well paid defence job to work for UNESCO. Pacifism and the passion for social justice was a Baez trait. Despite her support by many, she also experienced back lash from many a right wing voice, frequently touted as "Anti-American". 

Her discography is long, with music such as "We shall Overcome" becoming the anthem for generations of victims of discrimination, she assisted in defining a generation. At a time when people felt voiceless, Ms. Baez gave them one. She stood up to the government, to governments world wide. Humanity was important, Joan was and is unstoppable. She was daring, made evident through her tour of North Vietnam in the 70's and her continual bucking of the system, whether that be through her refusal to pay part of her income tax, for knowledge that it was going to military efforts. She joined many artists of her time to use her fame and voice to stimulate change and bring awareness to social causes, regardless of backlash. The end result is more important than the hiccups along the way.

Joan has gone down in history as a prominent fighter for Peace, a Peacenik. She epitomises the strength and fearlessness of the woman...but more than that she represents the strength of humanity, the change one person can alchemise, globally and for many communities. She was an exceedingly complex woman, flowing with knowledge, passion, courage and love. 

Now, her power hasn't faltered, with over 30 albums and her humanitarian work and that in the field of social justice still prominent, there is no stopping Joan Baez. A true activist and artist, full of heart. 

May Peace Prevail.

"Action is the antidote to despair"