Gisele has always been an activist. Being raised where she was in Brazil would nourish consciousness about the environment and the earth. Too often we criticise models or those in power because of lavish and hedonistic lifestyles. I think its a case of "once bitten, twice shy". We're used to over consumption in these industries. But Gisele is different, using her fame and notoriety as World's Richest Model to live consciously and bring this awareness to the world.

Notably, in 2003 she spent time with native Amazonian Indians who were being sickened as a result of deforestation and the poisonous runoff waters. Her shoe line's profits go toward replanting the Amazonian forest, all the while its being destroyed at an alarming rate, displacing native tribes and traditional cultures. Many thousands of trees have been planted as a direct result of her. Projeto Água Limpa (a project she began) aimed to to clean up the river near Horizontina.

In yoga, its impossible to not be conscious in all areas of your life if you're conscious on the mat. Yoga is a microcosm for what is going on around you. You must calm your mind and body and with that a new awareness will come about.
You might not want to eat meat anymore, or your might be amazed at your new fire-in-your-belly around womens issues and environmental ones.
I put Gisele in that category - as above, so below - you can't be conscious with what you put in your body and how you live and not care about the planet and all the injustice that occurs on a regular basis. Gisele is an amazing inspiration for women globally, from her athleticism, commitment and passion to her mothering.