Always and forever, Ondine Daisy has styled our pieces so effortlessly since the very beginning.

Ondine shares with us what is so special about summer in Australia and the humidity in Paris.

What is your occupation/ what do you do? My occupation is something that seems to be tugging at me a bit right now; there is so much that I love and do that all come together in the amalgamation that is me. I find it incredibly hard to define. I would call myself a writer because that where my heart and creativity oozes out, but my main thing is social media. Then I’m kind of a writer for hire, and amongst that...I’m the creative director or my brand Alchimiste.

Where are you from? I am literally home-born and raised in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I’m city based now but growing up with the sand and sea is something that runs through my veins. It’s sort of the lifeblood of who I am; I have to be able to return to nature or bodies of water to feel sane amongst the stress and craziness of being in the city.

What is your favourite thing about summer in Australia? There is something intrinsically different about Summer in Australia. There is this purity and respect for the days that drag on; the days so hot and dry, the greenery that seems to sparkle, that inevitable Southerly that pours through the land; like an great exhale after a 30 degree day. It’s joyfully effervescent, just soaking in the residual saltiness in the air, early mornings, sundowners and picnics. 

We respect the ocean so much here, you know it’s strength and it’s softness and we just all indulge fearlessly in that. There something very harmonious about it. There is no pressure in just being in nature, no guilt or obligations. I think that is so inherently Australian to me. We win at Summer, hands down. No question.




Where do you find inspiration? I’ve been sourcing inspiration from so much in my orbit recently. It’s sometimes a bit messy and emotionally tumultuous which I’m learning to deal with. Though I’m trying to shift my gaze, seeing everything around me as a starting point for transmutation. It’s a bit of a mission to remember though. Surrounding myself with incredible, creative, fun people is really grounding too. Of course nature is infinitely exciting for me...which is kind of sappy and obvious. But I’m seeing poetry come out from experiences too; I was in remote Tassie with true-blue bushmen as tour guides, in early January and that was such a different landscape and nice to feel myself truly wind down and feel into my body in a different way. Eating native bush-cherries off a tree overhanging the river bed on a paddle board, that to me is bliss.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Right this minute? I’m so content in Sydney but the minute the thermostat drops I’m like...get me out of here. I’m hoping to return to Europe in June, because last Summer was life-changing. Just soaking in the Tyrennhian Sea on Summer Solstice, where you can tangibly feel the mythology. It’s weird, you almost expect mermaids and demi-gods. Or the Parisian humidity, showers every afternoon after cheese and wine on the terrace and rare 28C days in London where the sun sets at 9:30 and everyone just pours out of pubs into the street. Picnics in Hampstead Heath and road-trips to the Cotswolds. I would love to do Greece this year, Turkey is on the list, Mallorca too.

 I do have a soft spot for London, Paris and the South of France...but we’ll see what the bank account permits. I’d like to get California in there too, but I feel like that’s maybe getting gluttonous!

What do you always pack in your carry-on when you travel? My carry on is a joke. Seriously. I packed all my food for my 24 hour flight which was full of plants and treats that would get as much water in my body as physically possible because I get so dehydrated on flights. Security did not like me. Lots of fennel for digestion, peppermint, nori wraps with sprouts for iodine to protect from radiation. The food on planes feels so lacking in vitality and I’m all about getting as much living foods into my body as possible. Cheese can wait until Paris! I had essential oils for breathing easy, rescue remedy, Moon Juice tonic herbs, dandelion tea to flush the liver. Lots of face oils, super rich creams. Should I go on? Because I really could. 

How does music make you feel/ what’s the best part about a great summer playlist? Music for me is a non-negotiable. A good playlist can make or break any event or mood. I grew up playing drums and listening to amazing music (thanks mum and dad!) so I find myself returning to music to lift my spirits, set a mood, ground myself, dance, have fun. Music seems to be a sounding board for all the good stuff in life. I can’t function without it. Music for me equals movement, a genuine flow. As a long time dancer there wouldn’t be a day that I wouldn’t listen to or move to music. In my whole life.

What are your goals for 2019?  2018 was a beautiful year, in its own way. Though now being well and truly into 2019 it’s been a time where I’ve tried to exit my comfort zone in many ways. I inadvertently put up a lot of self-imposed limitations and can get trapped in this fear cycle. I started the year doing something that 2018 me, wouldn’t have. Once you step over that threshold it’s no longer scary and that’s always incredible to witness on a personal level. I want to write more, and hopefully work with my mother writing a book, then there’s a cookbook in there somewhere. I’m working on a tonic herb collaboration with a London company. My brand is little and just starting, but so far has been well received so I’d like to keep at that. In a creative sense, I really adore working with incredible photographers and brands, so I’d like to definitely step into more of that, because the body as a tool for expression is super powerful, especially when there is a voice behind it.

What are the three things you’re most grateful for today? Today, I’m grateful for my health and my body supporting me in my endeavours. There are so many strong, intelligent, complex people around me; my friends, family, I’m so grateful that they’re around. I love being around people, and I source so much strength from them. That’s magic. 

I sit in gratitude for where I live; there is so much pain and suffering in the world so I try to remember how lucky I am, and what that awareness can do to help others. I am very grateful for Gordon’s Bay too, it’s very beautiful, water temperature is top notch and when you have cute She Made Me Bikinis to wear, and a good playlist it makes it that much better.