We argue for each others incomparable greatness; steadfast in our own knowing that each of us occupies the most authentic version of ourselves. Often, we have to assist those we love to remember, we require that proverbial slap in the face to recall our true nature, or our inherent ability. That is family; or mine at least.

My mother, mamacita, mama, teacher; a radiating beacon of divine wisdom, a wisdom and knowing that has been cultivated through decades. Like a seed, this spark of life, burning, emanating knowledge had to break through the earths dark humus first, in order to alchemise.

Her selfless, infinite love for those around her; clients, friends, family and strangers is unparalleled.

It’s unusual, to straddle the line of mother and teacher, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps, for some, maybe the thought is too close for comfort. Spirituality is not a dogma, its not a precept to be taught. Its experiential. I never felt like I was being preached to; because what she was doing was gently opening the door to my own spiritual understanding, even at a tender age. The role of a teacher is not to indoctrinate, or regurgitate; rather offer the tools to expand on our own accord.

There has always been a sweet fable in the gentle vignettes of my upbringing. 

In each moment of my life - my blissful, perfectly naïve childhood; where the memories are recalled by the fragrance of food; the chopping of onions, cooking off of herbs, the sweet-smelling aromas scenting my small hands, my long hair; standing on a chair to savour a morsel of food marinated in consciousness and love. To cook with intention in your heart was to offer the biggest gift to those you cherish. Then, to wake with the sounds of George Harrison or Krishna Das chanting “Om Hare Om”, or maybe it was Nick Cave (I was fond of the Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane) Talking Heads, Gyuto Monks, Deva Premal or Led Zeppelin; euphoria and boundless jubilation permeating my home, as the furniture was pushed away and in its wake; ample room to dance, and for me that was often sans clothes. I learnt the importance of joy, I learnt to dance, always, even at the most inappropriate of times.

I remember at the local French bakery – we’d pick up sourdough baguettes, petit fours, quiche and croissants, the unmistakable sublimely sour, buttery scent pouring out the door. As a tiny person, I learned to open my throat chakra, as adults would step in front of me in line, the top of my head barely visible over the counter, but we were urged to use our voices, to say “It’s my turn”. This gave way to never being afraid of our voices, of their inherent power, of its necessity and what embracing that fire can offer us, regardless of fear.

In each lesson I became equipped to understand the true nature of kindness, the importance of intention, compassion, fiery often heated passion, joy and the act of giving.

I learned in our times of anguish, the times where that same childlike innocence was swept away, with the dissolution of our family home, the separation of a family that was once whole. I learned to grieve, I learned of emotional release, to cry when I needed it and to laugh with as much passion and vigour. Whilst our bills were being paid by the Salvation Army, I learned to once again to live in gratitude, to wake up each day amongst what felt like impenetrable darkness and be grateful for what I did have, and to stay in endless gratitude for the beauty of our world. I learned the importance of darkness, for without it, I wouldn’t have undergone that same process of the seed, breaking through the seemingly impassable soil. This is The Work in its raw, often unpalatable state.

But this isn’t about me…

This elusive woman…her name is Sanna; she is luminous, transcendent.

Simply put; she isn’t just my teacher and mother. She is the teacher and facilitator of Spirit Consciousness for many of her clients globally - her connection to spirit and expansion, began (consciously) in the 1970’s – my grandparents were practicing TM (transcendental meditation), though her lineage of people are the deeply connected, shamanic Mapuche women, indigenous to Chile. To say that this ability was intrinsic, pre-determined, genetic even, is an understatement. My mother has possessed this ability on a cellular level, it is ceaselessly vibrating through her body, and her entire life story; the undulations, peaks and deep troughs became the framework for which her teachings have flourished.

She knows this work, it’s in her.

The work and assistance she has offered me is merely the tip of the iceberg; many across the world have flocked to her to plumb the depths of her wisdom, and with each session she embarks upon exemplifies this lifelong, generational, deep visceral connection to spirit.

I think the work she offers her clients is priceless; with her assistance and intrinsic lifelong commitment to spirit, with each client she is able to guide and assist to embark, well-equipped on their spiritual path, assisting them to expand into their true nature, just as she offered me throughout my childhood. With each and every soul that she touches, she assists in creating a spiritually integrated lifestyle and the foundation for an authentic, personal ascension, self-revolution – revealing the “I am”, within. In a world where we prioritise self-care, and physical health – what we are forgetting is prioritising what she calls “Spiritual Health”

So, with the largest damn introduction I have ever written; and one that barely skims the surface of her teachings, here is the woman herself.

What does a session look like with you?

An hour session, always begins with a prayer. I hold their hands because I’m feeling their energy field. As an empath, I’m locking into their body and what it’s telling me, there is a lot that the body holds that people are not aware of, as a conduit I receive these messages about each client and their unique needs. The prayer also calls forth each and every persons unique spiritual support system and we are then locked in (for that 60 minute session!) so that the client can receive as much information as possible.


If someone isn’t able to commit to your work right now, do you have suggestions for practices they can incorporate into their life? How does someone begin this process?

Just like I’ve always told you – connect to the earth and try not to using your spirituality as a fad or an ego identification. Respect that you have your own unique entry point into exercising your Spiritual Health. Everyone has their own road to Rome, whether it be Tai Chi, Yoga, Bushwalking, Kundalini yoga art, music, swimming…or whatever! This is what I mean roads to rome. There is really only one way into the temple (so to speak) and that is to understand your expansive, extraordinary nature or Who you Be, and that usually takes a bit of effort and sometimes its not so fun.


We can’t all banish ourselves onto a mountaintop, meditating under a Bodhi tree until we attain enlightenment. Do you have any recommendations for living in the modern world, all the while practicing and expanding your consciousness?

Oh, for sure! I have a pretty big clientele that are city dwellers, corporate types. They have to find a way of connecting whilst being in AC, with exceedingly limited time. So, how we do is it, is to find the Divine in all things. For example: a simple gratitude “prayer” at breakfast or while you’re on your morning commute. Instead of criticising the people in your personal space, begin to open up to the fact that they’re all humans, extraordinary, gorgeous beings of reflections of you. Rather than complaining about the weather, be curious and innocent about what the day can offer you. Even if on this day you’re going to get wet! The innocence Helpful hint: the innocence connects us to the Divine.

I suggest my clients, see beauty everywhere. Even in the concrete jungle. Seek it out and when you find it, feel it. Don’t just file it.


Who or what inspires you?

Art inspires me. I used to go to galleries all the time, but the older I get and the more deeply I move into Spirit, I find it so hard to go to galleries, because I just weep from the beauty of it all. So art inspires me. Children who laugh inspire me. The innocence of animals inspires me and the beauty of the planet inspires me. Though, I’m also inspired by human beings who may live on the street. As far as teachers are concerned, Gangaji is a great inspiration to me, as she moves into silence. Eli Jaxon Bear; another great teacher. Rudolph Steiner. The

Buddha and Jesus (from a non religious perspective). I am inspired by love.


Where did your interest in spiritual expansion first come from?

My original interest came about because my background was (in todays standards) abusive. I needed to find a way in my very youthful mind of dealing with the confusion. So, in the 60s, that immature, youthful consciousness entered into a church. Though, I wasn’t a Catholic, I was interested in the Catholics that discovered the Water of Lords or St Francis who spoke to the trees and the moon and I certainly was curious about Jesus, who biblically spoke about love. The conversations about love made me want to know about this thing. So in other words, I needed to find a way of dealing with all the confusion that my upbringing created.


So from there, How did you get to where you are right now?

Because I started meditating, I found myself oddly thinking differently than many people, but different to myself. I could observe that the thoughts that I had previously thought, were not the same as after I meditated. It was also kind of weird because I could feel myself separating from the aggressive family dynamic and I also wanted to spend more time in nature and silence. However, I also wanted to learn veraciously about spirituality. I proceeded to study; personally and attend as many workshops, gatherings and go to various different churches, synagogues – whatever, that I could. Because I knew only the tip of the iceberg. Intuitively I knew there was so much more to learn if I was to be authentic in my exploration.


There is this perception that the darkness, sadness, grief and other negative feelings are not in line with a spiritual practice. They’re unpalatable. We’re constantly bombarded with positivity being the be-all and end-all of our spiritual success. What is your opinion about working with our shadows?

Our shadow can often be the entry point to self-awareness. For example; if you are an addict of some kind, instead of avoiding the conversation of addiction, you would look at the addiction, explore the addiction and find out EXACTLY what the addiction was masking. This is how the shadow works. So the avoidance of fear; saying I choose only light and love doesn’t work. However, neither does wallowing in self-pity, fear, loss, resentment or collapse. We have to learn what the middle-road and how it offers us clarity and freedom.


Can you tell me what your terminology “Spiritual Health” means? We prioritise a slew of other areas of our life, whilst our spiritual wellbeing remains neglected.

Sometimes I think that people might think that I overdo it, that I overthink something. I don’t, however what I do is that I acknowledge that everything is energy and that we have an opportunity through tis knowing (that everything is energy), to dive deeply into the bigger picture, the more subtle experience of life and the more beautiful experience of all that this earth has to offer. By experiencing the beauty and the subtlety, we somehow connect to the spirit of everything and this triggers in us, in our bodies, that causes us to expand. In other words, we grow spiritual muscles, by the recalibration of experiencing the energy around us and in us. It happens automatically, once we start the process.


What is something that you’ve learned from your clients?

My clients are absolutely extraordinary people. I’ve learned the power of understanding who you are in this human condition and how wonderful we human beings are, all through my clients. I love them. Ultimately, I have learned also, the power of unconditional love. That through the love received to me, by Spirit, there is a transmission that can occur for them which is that they experience love. It is the most harmonious, glorious union that is.


How is it that your work benefits your clients? Is it too advanced for beginners?

Oh no! There is term called Spiritual discernment, an aspect of Spiritual Discernment is actually about offering the correct information for the individual. Everything has to be tailor made for each individual soul that enters into my office. It isn’t regurgitating information, it is rather, receiving information through mine and the clients Guides, through Spirit and offering it to the best of my ability, to them. I must admit, however, that I have been also blessed with many healers, authors and alike, who come to see me with an already extensive practice. Many of clients are professionals in all matter of things and many are just beginning their path as a Spiritual Iniitate. For those ones who are already on their path, they may choose to use their time with me as a part of their practice, as a way in which they reconnect to themselves and to be heard. In my experience, it is highly necessary for many practitioners to feel safe, to share their human experiences and confusions and fear with someone and as I said, sometimes its me and I’m humbled and grateful.

If you could say one thing to a person looking to change her life, what would it be?

Seek out the Truth or Authenticity, and lean in to that part of you, because it is the point of enlightenment that will change your life.

What is your personal mantra?

We’ve chanted this together your entire like.

asato mā sadgamaya

tamasomā jyotir gamaya

mrityormāamritam gamaya

Oṁ śhānti śhānti śhāntiḥ

as well as another we chant together;

Har Har Har Har Gobinday

Har Har Har Har Mukanday

Har Har Har Har Udaray

Har Har Har Har Aparay

Har Har Har Har Hariang

Har Har Har Har Kariang

Har Har Har Har Nirnamay

Har Har Har Har Akamay


My personal mantra though: Know who you “Be”.

About Sanna’s Work:

In a converging of cultures, Sanna represents the unification of modern knowledge as a result of self-practice and one which stems from her bloodline. 

Born to a Mapuche Chilean mother; stemming from a lineage of shamanic medicine women, and an American father; with a link to the first tried (and released) “witch” in Massachusetts, it is evident that this knowledge and wisdom was inherent, ancestral even. It was her birth and youth, however, in Honolulu Hawaii, that opened her up to the language of the land and the intrinsic healing qualities that this space holds for a young initiate.

As a Spirit Consciousness Facilitator, Sanna’s insight assist in guiding clients through life’s major and minor trials, providing insight & clarity to tackle them from a Spiritual perspective.Her gift as an empath assists her clients in offering a road map to their ultimate healing. Her ongoing exploration began in the 70’s. With this approach, deeply rooted in her shamanic ancestry and her devotion to Spirit Consciousness, that Sanna brings a generosity of spirit, transcendent knowledge and an authentic connection - so each client might expand in the authentic nature of the divine.With her expertise, she is able to guide clients to embark on their urban spiritual path, well-equipped for the journey ahead. As a result, each client expands into their true nature as Spiritual beings on this modern, earthly plane.Clients come to gain insight into what life presents us. From body-image issues, addictions, reconnecting to Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, manifestation, relationships, life-purpose guidance, pre and post-natal guidance – whatever it might be, Sanna is by your side.


( m ) 0416 263 847

( e ) sanna@sannapurinton.com