Having just voluntarily/paid for 24 hours worth of slow torture within a flying metal tube it’s safe to say I have a good handle on how to attempt at sanity and normality during what has now been 48 hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

Planes are so fun.

In all seriousness though, despite the olfactory abuse to my senses, the perpetual feed-times which I boil down to some government ploy to ruin my circadian rhythms, a total of 2 hours sleep in 15 minute increments, the hydration deprivation and the air-travel pimples that like to pop up, it’s pretty cool, that flying thing.


Knowing me as you and I do, there was no way I was going to settle for Economy food. I think maybe people think wellness disappears at a certain altitude. It doesn’’re confusing that with shame (hi @face masks, 4 layers and colourful socks and slides).


I spent some time preparing for the fact I’d be embarking on such a long journey and knew moreso than ever, in these pressurised chambers of human pain, back aches and unfortunate sleeping positions that I needed to maintain some level of normality. I also spent a large chunk of time recognising that I was going to need to cater my food to the environment I was in, both on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Airplane food is not only gross it’s kind of lacking in nutrients and flavour and life-giving energy, so I always either opt for an alternate meal (last trip I did raw fruit - would not suggest, the bloating was fucked), but this time I made it totally myself.

I am of the firm belief that food is a direct correlation with our moods and ability to function properly and optimally, I know this, because I am first to feel like absolute shit, moody etc when I’m not eating in line with what my body is intuitively asking for. This airplane catering was much to the dismay of the security check who clearly have never seen health food in their life and did everything to try to throw it all out.

Firstly, I recognised that hydration is first to go out the proverbial window when flying, its so hard to keep those levels up at that altitude and air pressure. I bought a big bottle of water at the airport, however this is a gamble as sometimes they don’t like refilling them on planes. So, I prepared a bag full of various vegetables, a really simple chia pudding in a jar with fresh fruit and some seeds, crudites and condiments that would boost my hydration on a cellular level.

I prepared Nori Rolls first; high in iodine from the nori to protect our bodies from the radiation we’re exposed to at that level and boost our iodine, supporting our thyroid. I made an avocado dip/dressing that was layered inside (this was the basis for a lot of the snacks I had). The condiment was blended with Apple Cider Vinegar to support our digestive tract, detoxification and water retention (as I know I always get extremely swollen on flights), as well as being blended with raw fennel to soothe the stomach, to combat inflammation and rid myself of nasty bloating. This was blended with some olive oil as well as mint. The put a heavy focus on fluid retention and stomach soothing herbs and vegetables, as I know how swollen I get and how important it was to stay hydrated. Because of this, I omitted salt from pretty much this whole spread. The wrap was then filled to the brim with various sprouts; broccoli, kale, alfalfa, sunflower and pea shoots; the plane lacks living foods and I wanted to ensure I was getting all of the benefits of these enzymatic boosting, immune supporting, digestive enhancing wonder plant-babies.

I had leftover dip/dressing, so had a bag full of cut-up cucumber batons, which intermittently were dipped into the sauce.

I’m a cherry tomato snacker fiend, so a bag full of organic cherry tomatoes to get me in the Italian mood were always by my side.

I made a salad also, because I knew I’d be keen on something less snack-y when everyone else was eating normal meals. This was a drenched in this same dressing that had my back for 24 hours. The salad was heavy on raw food but not too much as I didn’t want to overload my gut. Within these single-use plastic containers (sorry!), was tenderised kale, a little of lightly steamed and raw cabbage, raw fennel, mint , parsley, baby spinach and olive oil. On the side I had 2 pasture-raised, organic boiled eggs.

In between meals, I brought single packets of MCT-oil & Grass-Fed Butter that I put with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, Moon Juice Spirit or Power Dust (for sanity) and some vanilla stevia drops.  This kept me satiated during the flight. Then, in between coffees and delirium I had CAP Beauty Matcha Sticks for a slight energetic boost.

Every 5 hours I took Chlorella tablets to help with detoxification and cellular hydration as well as Liv-On Liposomal Vitamin C which I had on 8 hour intervals for immunity because these planes are like breeding grounds for grossness.

From a beauty perspective I went wild; I brought mini rose hydrosols on the plane to spray on my skin. Of course, this is not the environment for makeup, my skin was kept hydrated with masks the entire flight; Chantecaille Jasmine Lily Healing Mask is my go-to, however I also put oils like Living Libations Rose Glow Serum on to boost skin hydration as I dry out like no tomorrow.

De Mamiel Altitude Oil under the nose for deep inhalations every hour. The blend of essential oils is so energising and grounding, soothing my entire energetic field when its easy to feel so out-of-whack.

I used an Australian Bushflower Essences Travel Mist to ground me also, making me feel settled and my mind clear and gentle. I’ve been using Australian Bushflower
Essences all my life and swear by these incredible essences to look after myself and my energy field on a multitude of different levels.

I also brought Bach Flower Rescue Remedy just in case, however didn’t end up needing rescuing which is a win. I think this was in large due to all of the really grounding, energetically high foods I was eating as well as the tonic herbs; heart felt settled, nourished and open. My body felt cool, not cold, but as if my chakras were balanced and radiating harmoniously.

To maintain circulation; I had compression socks on, but also used Apothecanna circulation spray.


By the time I landed 24 hours later in London, I embarked on my post-flight tradition which is a long walk, lots of fresh air, a earthing meal from Ottolenghi and getting to a park asap to seriously ground myself. This means shoes off, and deep breaths all ‘round. Whilst trying to settle into timezones, the second night in London consisted of a kundalini workshop with the incredible Guru Jagat of RAMA Institute which I think brought the ¾ of my body that was still cruising at 35,000 feet down to earth and really centred me for the rest of my trip - my body and cells were genuinely vibrating, it was perfectly vigorous and energising, my body radiating and I felt more in tune with every aspect of myself. It was pretty perfect.

So that’s how you do it.