Paris represented a rainy, gluten-tainted, beautiful mess. but…In a good way.

Periodic rain with a chance of patchy sisterly arguments (spurred on by navigational disagreements and other sister-themed bullshit), weather inappropriate footwear, XTREME bloating, coffee-fuelled adrenal stress paved the way for so much beauty. Travel paves the way for a return to naivete and innocence; we’re afraid to not know in this world, we’re afraid to ask questions, directions or ask for help with language. We see not knowing as some crude display of weakness or stupidity. The biggest learning curve as humans is this adaptability, to unabashadly say “I don’t know. I don’t understand. Explain to me…” shows this innocence and when we live life through this lens it’s magnificent. Travel creates a microcosm of this experience. When you’re a tourist you’re instantly soaked in humility, creating space for minute growth. Paris got me good though. Consider my heart-strings tugged. Colour my dreams cheese fuelled. Psychedelic French themed cheese dreams. Parfait.

I think the only city who can successfully get away with raining on tourists is Paris. Somehow it was pretty divine people-watching through the rain, the streets a little less busy and the city a little quieter. It was serene and incredibly special. It was trés humide, so the hair would. not. obey.

Three and a half days is not enough. Obviously this is not some grand epiphany that I’m now bestowing upon you. I needed a week…at least. I like to explore via foot, and whilst our 3 weeks in London gave us time to ramble endlessly we definitely neglected some spots that were on the list and packed as much food as humanly possible into three days. Perhaps the bread-basket novelty would have worn off on day 5? Will it ever wear out? Seriously I need to know.

The minute I boarded the train back to London, farewelling the sassy Immigration Officer who questioned my lack of parler français, I was already craving, pining, wishing and hoping for my next Parisian jaunt. Until then, I’ll do Subagh Kriya every day to make it happen.

My List:

Tout Autour du Pain - Croissants that will hurt you to your core. They’re that good.

Glow on the Go! - Where anyone who likes my blog will love. Think Elixirs, Sun Potion, CAP Beauty in the most perfect location imaginable. Romain made my tonic with the utmost respect and consciousness, whilst he was alchemising it was flipping

Cafe La Perle — Amazing Rocket Salad with Burrata, coffee was #!, service was exceptionale. Cute location.

Le Mary Celeste - some random man let us try his cocktail which was super awkward but delicieux - they’re known for their cocktails but we’re cheap travellers so we had Rosé. Food was so so heavenly - if you’re into seafood, with lots of culinary prowess and nice bartenders, this place is perfect. Sit at the bar for good bartender chats and sneaky drink secrets.

Merci Paris - I have a thing for homewares, linen, stationery, kitchen accoutrements and good clothes mixed into one superstore of well-curated French wonderment. My heart belongs to Merci.

Gang of Earlybirds - whilst my wallet did not permit a proper exploration (read: shopping), my eyes were delighted by the boutique. There is something to be said about a space that is equally as energetically welcoming as physically.

Cafe Charlot - the most classic French fare for our first night post 10km on foot. Whilst it featured a lot more bread and cheese than my body is physically used to, washed down with a blushing glass of Rose, my sister and I were a mixture of ecstatic and tipsy which lead to bad decisions…ie. texting boys we shouldn’t and eating Crême Brulée. Can confirm there is still no regrets.