The oft forgotten in-between seasons. We make playlists for Endless Summers and Campfire Nights. But what about the seasons where it’s appropriate to wear denim shorts and a mohair knit? Cardigan Canticles.

The time of year when you wake to the weather wild-card, a bleary eyed mess confused at which extremity to strategically expose. Where’s the music for this time of year? Where’s the melancholic, yet slightly optimistic refrains?

They’re not too optimistic because the weather isn’t decided. The trees are still slightly dead, or balding. The flowers are mere green buds the leaves are literally clinging to their life or have spent a large part of winter rotting away, turning to compost. There’s a lot happening but it’s not overt. Winter and Summer are real assholes.

Anyway this is a playlist for that time of year.

If you want my esoteric take on Autumn and Spring, you’re not gonna get it here today. Its just good ol’ fashioned tunes.