Mele Kalikimaka

We all get too used to the little cursive number inked on our advent calendars dictating the dates in December, this reward based date system should really be implemented year wide - give everyone an incentive to get up in the morning and know whats happening in their diaries. Whatever. Call me old-fashioned but I still prefer picture/chocolate Advent rewards to verging on slightly pornographic Love Magazine themed ones. Sweating is not that sexy, and neither are kettlebell swings. We wake up on the 26th and theres another 365 days til the next Christmas and once again, I've no damn idea what the date is, where I am, the year, time...nada.

In my house, Christmas has kind of always been bigger than birthdays. I don't have an extended family to speak of, so Christmas has always been about the escalation of this joyous, exuberant energy. And then there's the fucking food! Handy Christmas Hint #1: Don't swear in front of your Christmas dinner - not Christmas-sy! The f**king food. Next level realness.
The preparation is all joy; that's the secret. It's always been about total involvement in the prep, and in every single moment on Christmas day tangible abundance which totally encapsulates the bounty of Australian Summer produce and that gratitude is really where the essence of Christmas lies. It's all love; love of those around you  You can't help but be in absolute gratitude and in that very moment, you truly feel what Christmas is actually about.  Food elevates you to another stratosphere if you're wiling to let it take you there, we're talking Christmas Eve seafood-crudité-dips-unpasteurised artisanal cheeseboard pure, unadultarated bliss inducing food. There is no seafood like Sydney fish market, fresh wild caught prawns and Sydney rock oysters. There just isn't. When it comes to Australian food and produce I'm not willing to argue. It is what it is.
Then what could definitely prove to be the Last Supper of the year comes about on Christmas Day; we roll out the big guns, the power-players shine.  It's start to finish savour-every-morsel, seasonal stone-fruit salad, croissants, wild rice sage stuffing, spelt sourdough, the crispiest, fluffiest potatoes , biodynamic rosé, peach and nectarine thyme tarte tatin (not pictured), the premium cherry bonanza. 
This self-induced state of food coma is ambrosia to the senses and the spirit. The vibration of this food reacts with the vibrations of our total body system, awakening and strengthening the joyous spirit in that very moment. When we eat, we feed the soul as well as the body. When we're in gratitude we're expanded and that is what Christmas is supposed to be about. 

Dress: Bec & Bridge / Boots: RM Williams / Bra: Lonely